Keith Olbermann Calls Ann Coulter an ‘A$$hole’

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This Olbermann clip demonstrates why Keith is going to rock Current TV and also why MSNBC shouldn’t have let Keith go. But I suppose they already know that given their poor ratings since his departure.

Last night, in his Worst Persons segment, Keith took polemicist Ann Coulter down for being bleeped 3 separate times for a total of 13 seconds for calling Ted Kennedy “human pestilence” and John McCain a “douchebag” on morning TV. Sure, it’s rude, and sure you expected as much from Coulter, but my beef with her is her pinched, limited vocabulary.

The poor thing seems to be leaning toward Palinese in her attempts to play with the boys, though I must confess that she doesn’t get paid nearly as much for dipping into the dredge. In 2010 Coulter made a paltry $500,000 for her “speaking engagements” – no pun intended- – no wonder she’s so jealous of The Sarah Palin that she keeps lowering herself trying to compete. Coulter, after all, did start the modern conservative woman as masculine aggressor against liberals thingy that Palin stole and perfected. I suspect Palin’s external prettiness is a big part of her ability to sell violent, antagonistic hate for more money than Coulter does.

Poor Ann, the Republicans are just too superficial to appreciate her true talent.

CURRENT TV Keith Olbermann: Find out why Jennifer Lopez and Fiat are WORSE; Ann Coulter is WORSER; and USA Ammo is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD for Nov. 29, 2011. Watch here:

Transcript from Current TV:

KEITH OLBERMANN: First, because this is where I try to protect sanity, here are “Countdown’s” top-three nominees for today’s “Worst Persons in the World.”

The runner-up tonight? Ann Coulter — “Coultergeist” — bleeped three separate times for 13 total seconds — which is a hell of a lot of bleeps — on television this morning, because before she called the late, great Senator Ted Kennedy “human pestilence,” she apparently called — twice — Senator John McCain a “douchebag.”

So, while we’re at this — I know my friend Bill Maher respects Coultergeist because she’ll say things when people boo. And I have other friends who actually think she’s funny, sometimes even intentionally. But let’s face it — Ann Coulter’s an a$$hole.

By the way, did I see something amiss with that photo? Let me see that photo of her again. Oh, see? That’s not fair. Ann Coulter as Madam from Waylon Flowers and Madam? That’s totally inappropriate. Coulter isn’t gray-haired. She dyes it blonde. I’m very sorry.

While I understand that the Republican Party prefers its women pundits to sound like men and to demonstrate masculine traits such as belligerence over feminine traits like empathy, I’m still puzzled how the same women also sell a 1950’s version of womanhood as the ideal. They do realize that they would not be allowed to speak in this manner if their wishes came true, right?

Anyway, my mama always said that talking dirty didn’t make you strong and that I should know when to use gutter vocabulary and when not to. Maybe Ann’s mother approves of her Cornell University graduate daughter calling a sitting US Senator a “douchebag” on a national TV morning talk show. Ann does wear a cross, so that infers that God approves of her message, so maybe her Mama can forgive her.

Heck, someone had to say it for the conservatives. They needed their red meat. Naturally it would fall to most desperate person with the least class in the Republican Party; a person who makes John McCain appear decidedly undouchelike in comparison, I might add, and you know what a task that was. Well done, Ann.

Perhaps we should all congratulate Ann on finding her place in the world finally. She is the one person besides Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh who willingly and with zeal denigrates herself to the lowest common denominator for a buck. We all recall her wish for “Jews to be perfected, as they say,” which led to much condemnation including the National Jewish Democratic Council asking media outlets to stop inviting her to speak.

Ann Coulter once had promise of a better life. She was a lawyer who graduated from U of M’s prestigious law school. She had all of the potential to actually do something with her life – something her parents could be proud of. But instead she found hanging with the low-life bottom-feeders who had no other choice her comfort zone. See, Rush is someone of limited brain cells with no education to speak of and Sarah Palin, well, you know Sarah. God wasn’t handing out IQs on the day she was born. Poor thing.

But Ann got lucky and yet threw it all away. In her own words, “I’m a Christian first and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don’t you ever forget it.” Perhaps she was unable to hack it among the intellectual elite, or perhaps she is simply filled with too much hate to manage a tempered position on anything or maybe she’s just a typical Republican pundit whose real goal isn’t to further conservatism but to make a buck any way she can, even if it involves her saying to a United States Vietnam veteran on the air, “No wonder you guys lost.” USA!

In this way, Keith is absolutely right to call her a Madam. Coulter is the Madam of the Republican Party. Naturally, she’s a masculine one because you know…..the Republican Party. Cough. Let us not forget her 2008 comment implying that she couldn’t speak about John Edwards because she wasn’t allowed to use the word “faggot.” Clearly she got that one wrong.

One could point out that Keith Olbermann calling Ann an a$$hole (dollar sign intentional nod to the pimping out of hate) on Current TV is the same thing as Ann Coulter being bleeped for 13 seconds on MSNBC. But Current TV is on in the evening hours and not a staple in the cable lineup and in fact, he was not bleeped precisely because Current doesn’t have to play by the same rules as MSNBC; whereas Ann was bleeped on morning TV, when young children are watching, in her desperate pilgrimage to the promised land of rotting conservative red meat. Didn’t she ever learn when to use gutter language and when not to? It’s as if these family values people have no sense of propriety.

While this is not the word I would have chosen to call her in public, I can’t think of a better time to use gutter language than when discussing Ann Coulter. According to the Urban Dictionary, douchebag denotes a person who is worse than an as$hole so all things being equal, Ann still wins the prize.

Though I might not call her that word, I might be heard saying that Ann Coulter is the Madam of a$$holes. Bless her little heart.

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