Jon Stewart Knocks The Stuffing Out Of Fox News’ Thanksgiving Attack On Obama

Nov 29 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart carved up Fox News’ latest bogus attack on President Obama that he left God out of his Thanksgiving remarks.

After playing numerous clip of Fox News personalities attacking Obama for leaving God out of his Thanksgiving remarks, Stewart said, “Someone should remind you if I remember my grade school pageants correctly, Thanksgiving was a bunch of pagans teaching religious zealots how to farm. Seriously, failing to mention God in your Thanksgiving address? Not a huge Thanksgiving faux pas. I mean I can understand if instead of pardoning two male turkeys, he’d married them. Then I could understand Fox News getting a little out of shape. I mean, I guess it’s a little weird that Obama is the first president ever not to mention God in his Thanksgiving address.”

Here is the video from The Daily Show:

Stewart played a clips of Fox News pointing out that both Bush and Clinton had left God out of their Thanksgiving address, and that Obama didn’t actually leave God out of his Thanksgiving written proclamation, and said, “So not only is Obama not the first president to leave God out of his Thanksgiving address, he didn’t even do that. He left it in his Thanksgiving address, just not the one on YouTube, and then for some reason that didn’t stop Fox from dissecting this on no fewer than three of its shows including at one point bringing in a priest so that you can find out what God thinks about all this.”

As usual with the Right Wing Obama Outrage Machine facts took a backseat to blind hatred of this president. The Fox News led Thanksgiving attack on Obama demonstrated that no holiday is off limits when it comes to reinforcing the myth that Obama hates or is not a Christian. The president’s big mistake was that he actually expected Republicans to read. Remember, these are the same folks who railed against the healthcare reform bill because it was too long. These people don’t read objective resources. They believe. Specifically, they believe what Fox News tells them.

For Jon Stewart, this was another chance to expose the tactics of Fox News for what they really are. Facts are always secondary to constant drumbeat of conservative ideological and anti-Obama propaganda. Every time Stewart takes apart another one of these bogus Fox stories, more Americans are seeing the network for what it is, and tuning them out.

By trying so hard to destroy Obama, Fox News is giving people like Jon Stewart the ammo they need to expose them for being the propaganda factory that they truly are.

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