Germany Decides To Ship David Duke and His Flaming Bigotry Back To The US

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David Duke has been released from a German prison and is awaiting expulsion from the country. Many people, myself included, started an online prayer chain, hoping Germany would keep him, to no avail. Dr. (yes, really) Duke has had previous issues in Europe; in 2009 he was detained in, and then thrown out of, the Czech Republic on suspicion of being a holocaust denier. Denying the Holocaust is in fact a crime in many European countries, including the latest one to take offense at Duke’s presence, Germany.

David Duke is a former leader with the Ku Klux Klan, a prominent white nationalist and flaming bigot with two unsuccessful presidential campaigns and a year in prison under his belt. The prison term was not for anything remotely racist-he bilked his followers out of hundred of thousands of dollars to pay gambling debts. The same people, by the way, from whom he is begging money to fight these current charges in Germany.

On his website, Duke wrote that German authorities had arrested him to “silence his message of heritage and freedom.” Considering that he was arrested prior to giving a speech to a right wing extremist group, and Germany takes this sort of thing very seriously, I’m guessing that Duke may be glossing over the facts just a tad. Germany has recently been battling a surge in the number of nationalist groups, some of which are believed to be responsible for attacks against minorities. In fact, less than a week before Duke’s arrest, German prosecutors announced a new investigation into a Neo Nazi group connected to no less than eight murders, including six Turkish immigrants and a police officer. This group is also suspected in numerous other attacks in Cologne and Dusseldorf that injured at least 30 people, mostly immigrants and foreigners., the white nationalist group that boasts the Hal Turner radio program and thinks Tom Metzger (the founder of W.A.R.-White Aryan Resistance) got a “raw deal” during HIS trial, also sponsors David Duke, hawks his tapes and videos on their site, and really wants him to run for president. But, as his two other attempts failed miserably, Stormfront has set their hearts on another candidate, one they believe is close to Dr. David Duke. Who is it? Why, it’s Ron Paul. They blog about him, they praise him, and they raise money for him. A lot of money.

But this isn’t about Ron Paul, although I hope having read the above statement, you’ll look into the connection-great photo of Paul and the founder of Stormfront with their arms around each other floating around in cyberspace-so let’s get back to David Duke. Unfortunately, Germany won’t keep him. “We all have a responsibility to ensure that extreme right, nationalistic and anti-Semitic groups and networks are not able to again come together”, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, the German justice minister, stated, according to the AP. He’s already been thrown out of the Czech Republic for his bigoted and dishonest statements about the Holocaust.

There is a possibility that Iran will take him. In 2006, Duke traveled there to participate in a Holocaust denial conference that took place in Tehran. Duke voiced support during his speech for discredited false historians who deny that gas chambers were ever used by the Nazis. Those fringe scholars were imprisoned in Europe for making hateful and dishonest comments about the Holocaust, and Dr. Duke was defending their statements and beliefs.

Obviously, Europe takes hate a little more seriously than we here in America do, and that means they’re sending Duke back. I say we organize a huge bake sale, hire a deprogramming team, snag him and send him to Iran. Yes, as a tall blonde, he’ll stand out, but they already love him over there. Anyone have a giant pie dish and 400 muffin tins?

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