Team Obama Uses Fox News And Conan O’Brien To Eviscerate Mitt Romney

Nov 28 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The DNC released an ad today that used Fox News, Conan O’Brien, and Mitt Romney himself to highlight the GOP frontrunner’s many, many flip-flops.

Here is the video:

The ad started with Mitt Romney’s flip-flop on the stimulus and went the whole way up to his flip-flop on Ohio’s Issue 2. Words like brutal and devastating don’t even begin to cover how tough this ad is. It wasn’t an accident that Fox News commentators like Britt Hume and Chris Wallace were featured talking about Romney’s flip-flops. Team Obama and the DNC know that Romney’s support among Republicans in Charmin soft.

If you watch the video closely, you’ll see that only one MSNBC commentator (Chris Matthews) is featured. The ad is currently running in New Mexico, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pittsburgh, and Wisconsin. The target audience for this spot is Independents and conservative Democrats who may consider voting for Romney if he is the nominee.

The DNC also plays into the fears that many Republicans already have about Romney. The usage of Ronald Reagan and Fox News makes it clear that they were attacking Romney’s conservative cred. Mitt Romney whole argument for his frontrunner status is that he is the most electable candidate in the GOP field. This ad attacked that electability by turning Mitt Romney into John Kerry.

Jay Leno and Conan were used to show just how deeply into pop culture the image of Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper has penetrated. It resonates with the older audience of Leno and the younger audience of Conan. If Romney is the nominee, the GOP can expect a steady diet of these kinds of jokes about their candidate.

This ad was nothing compared to the onslaught of 30 and 60 second spots that will be running around the country against Romney if he is the nominee. Sure Republicans will drag Obama down into the mud, but they have been doing that since he took office. If this election centers around the issue of trust, then Mitt Romney will have big problems.

Politicians can change a lot of perceptions, but being a soft, spineless, flip-flopper isn’t one of them. A sizable number of Republicans have always mistrusted Mitt Romney. Now, the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign are set to take that distrust national.

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