Miley Cyrus Supports OWS: The Revolution Will Be Auto Tuned

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Occupy Wall Street has penetrated so far into pop culture that Miley Cyrus has released a music video in support of the movement.

In her new music video Miley Cyrus gives a big shout out to Occupy movements around the world. The video opens with the statement, “This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in,” and features a montage of global Occupy protests.

Here is the video:

How long will it be until Fox News blasts Billy Ray’s baby for promoting class warfare to tween girls all around the world? I am actually sort of surprised that they haven’t already accused Hanna Montana of indoctrinating the youth of America with the propaganda of Occupy Wall Street, which is totally different from what Fox does as they indoctrinate the elderly with the propaganda of the one percent.

Honestly, when Occupy Wall Street began did you ever think that you would see a Miley Cyrus video that featured a person holding a sign that with the words Another Working Stiff For Economic Justice on it? Yeah, neither did I. The Miley Cyrus video is a sign of just how far into our national culture the message of Occupy Wall Street has penetrated.

Does this mean that pre-teen girls all across America are going to suddenly occupy Bank of America? Probably not, but it does demonstrate the success of the message.

The themes of Occupy Wall Street are everywhere now. OWS has forced the nation to talk about subjects that have not been discussed since the Great Depression. It has been almost 80 years since this country has engaged in a serious discussion about wealth and economic equality. Occupy Wall Street is forcing the country to face some hard truths, and ask ourselves what kind of nation are we, and what kind of nation do we want to be?

While I am sure that some are certain to be horrified that a former Mercenary of the Mouse has voiced (auto tuned) her support for Occupy Wall Street, the fact is that Miley Cyrus’ video is symptom of the success of the movement. Much like the Obama t-shirt of 2008, OWS has transcended politics and made it into pop culture. It is rare that something political crosses over into the popular mainstream, but that is what Occupy Wall Street has done.

Miley Cyrus’ video was posted five days ago, and already has over 267,000 YouTube views. The biggest threat to the one percent isn’t the people protesting today, but the kids who may be acting on the message of Occupy Wall Street in the future.

It may seem counter intuitive to some, but the fact that message of the Occupy Wall Street movement has reached even Miley Cyrus is a good thing. Instead of dying, OWS is being weaved into the very fabric of our culture.

If the one percent weren’t scared before, the thought of one of their most popular purveyors of commercialism to the tween audience supporting the movement should have them terrified.

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