Koch Whore Herman Cain Claims Tax Cuts For The 1% Will Help The Unemployed

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On CNN, Herman Cain said it was unfortunate that people were unemployed, but that he would terminate unemployment benefits while cutting business and corporate taxes.

Here is the video from CNN:


CROWLEY: Long-term unemployment benefits expire at the end of this year, that is, unemployment benefits for those who have been unemployed for 99 weeks or more.

CAIN: Right.

CROWLEY: Do you believe those unemployment benefits should be extended?

CAIN: No. And here’s why. Where do we stop, Candy, is the question? Here again, extending unemployment benefits, extending the cut in the payroll tax are just distractions from the bigger problem, which is lack of economic growth which has not been there.

Secondly, we’re spending money we do not have. It’s unfortunate that people are unemployed. This is one of the reasons that I have proposed a bold plan to get this economy going which you know is 999. People need to go — want to go back to work. That’s the good news.

But this economy is not producing the jobs in order to get 14 million people that are unemployed back to work.

CROWLEY: Well, and about 2 million of those will lose their benefits if long-term unemployment benefits are not extended. And there are lots of studies that show that one of the quickest ways to get money into the economy is through these unemployment benefits.

So if I read you correctly, you would not be for extending those for another year but you would be for the payroll tax cut.

CAIN: Candy, it’s not that simple. And this is part of the problem. What we need to do to get this economy growing is to put fuel in the engine which is to cut taxes to businesses and individuals.

Rather than just cutting the payroll tax where people might have a thousand dollars, let’s cut — if the president wants to do something in the short term, cut income taxes, cut corporate taxes.

CROWLEY: Sure, but that’s…

CAIN: This is something that I was proposing earlier. That would — that would solve the problem. This is just tinkering around the edges. That’s what I’m saying.

Herman Cain’s basic proposal to help the unemployed is to cut off their benefits, and cut taxes for businesses and corporations. Cain said that it is unfortunate that people are unemployed, but I am going to do nothing, but cut taxes and pray to the God of Trickledown that the jobs come back. Herman Cain is so delusional that he expects the unemployed to support an agenda that involves taking away their only lifeline so that the wealthy and corporate America can have more tax cuts.

Herman Cain didn’t say it directly, but his message to the unemployed was, “Sorry about your luck.” The big lie that Cain is pushing is that tax cuts for the top create jobs. Politifact found that in the nearly 10 years since they were adopted, employment has actually fallen under the Bush tax cuts. The Republican tax cutting plan hasn’t created jobs, it’s destroyed them.

As the Great Recession has repeatedly demonstrated that businesses don’t reinvest revenue gained from tax cuts into more hiring. They either sit on their profits, or they invest them overseas. The solution that Herman Cain and all the Republican candidates for president are offering solutions to the unemployed would only hurt them more.

With exponentially more job seekers than open positions, what are the 2 million unemployed going to do when their benefits are taken away? Obviously, they will slip deeper into poverty. If they haven’t lost their homes yet, they might, and the struggle for daily survival will become even more difficult.

The Republican solution to unemployment is to reward big business. The Republican solution to everything is to reward the 1%. This is a message that every American voter needs to understand before they seriously consider voting Republican in 2012.

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