Republicans Only Like Class Warfare Within One Class

Nov 25 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Republicans declare that the Democrats, OWS and specifically President Obama have pushed class warfare against the wealthiest people in the country. I find it very disturbing that the Republicans and conservatives have no problem creating “in fighting” among one class, the working class, though.

Time and time again, Republicans have blamed unions for the downfall of America. Union members are thugs, union members are bankrupting our country and businesses. They are the reason corporations leave to China and America no long has a manufacturing base. Union members, for the most part are in the middle class, making somewhere between $50-$70K/year. It is a comfortable lifestyle, but it is still middle to upper middle class. They are sharing in the prosperity of an expanding economy.

The Republican party also likes to blame the poor. They most recently pointed to people that bought homes they could not afford. They didn’t point to the banks who originated the loan and offered them the loan in the first place. They just point to the person receiving the loan.

On top of the most recent attacks the GOP also likes to attack the people on food stamps, Medicaid, welfare and those in public housing. They are drain on our budgets, they say, even though they are not. The GOP tells the non-union middle class worker to tear down and fight against union workers and the poor. It’s a race to the bottom. If union wages go down as Republicans want to see happen, that means more profits for the owners and no saving for the consumer. Prices very rarely reflect the reduction in the price of labor. Wall Street will push for higher profits first.

When the middle class starts to fight for a bigger piece of the economic expansion, well, that is class warfare and is not the American way. You will be called a socialist!

What is wrong with grabbing a bigger piece of the economic pie? Aren’t the workers entitled to a bigger piece considering they earned it by working harder, longer and smarter or is it just the owners of the corporations who get to reap what others have sown? I understand that conservatives have tried to make “entitled” a dirty word, but when it comes to labor, they are entitled to everything they earned.

Republicans do not want the wealthy to let the riches rain down on the people. They want in fighting amongst the working class, they want unions to give up wages, rather than build the non union wages up! When 60% of all economic growth and profits from 1979-2007 have gone to the top 1%, it is time for workers to share in the prosperity of this country. Prosperity should be shared, not hoarded.

But as long as the Republicans continue to distract us by creating in fighting within one class, the wealthy will never have to let it rain. They can just keep it all for themselves.


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