Not Even Pepper Spray Can Stop The Walking Dead Of Wal-Mart Black Friday

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This is some truly scary video. An off duty police officer pepper sprays Wal-Mart shoppers in North Carolina, who don’t drop their items, but keep marching towards the checkout aisle.

Here is the video:

WITN of Washington, NC reported, “Angel Bunting tells WITN she was right there when the pepper spray was used. Bunting says people were standing in line for cell phones marked down from $200 to $35 when a man fell onto the display. She believes it was an accident, but security thought there was a fight. Bunting says 20 people, including children, were affected by the pepper spray.”

A man standing in line for a cheap cell phone fell into a display and a pepper spray happy off duty cop thought it was a fight so he sprayed 20 shoppers. Pepper spray has become the easy out for some members of law enforcement. The cop/Wal-Mart security person did not bother to observe, or intervene and ask the man on the ground what had happened. It was spray first, ask questions later. This mentality existed in some areas of law enforcement before Occupy Wall Street, but I suspect that pepper spray has become normalized by its almost daily usage against OWS protesters.

What is almost as equally disturbing is that not even pepper spray could stop the bargain hunters. They did not drop their items. They simply covered their noses and mouths and soldiered on towards the checkout line. It is like Wal-Mart Black Friday has created a state of collective heightened frenzy that makes shoppers impervious to any chemical attempt to stop them.

Our national obsession with Black Friday has gotten so out of control that off duty cops panic at the slightest little disturbance, assume it is a riot, and let the pepper spray fly. In the past few years, there have been deaths and riots. This year alone, there have already been robberies, shootings, and customers pepper spraying other customers.

It is funny that the shoppers kept going through the pepper spray cloud, but it is also sad. Are these people so desperate to save a few bucks that they are willing to be pepper sprayed to make sure that someone on their list gets the gift they want at the cheapest price? What does this say about the state of both our economy and our society?

Do yourself a favor, skip the sale. There will be bargains to be had throughout the holiday season, and with the prevalence of free shipping, you can finish up those leftovers and shop online all from the comfort of your sofa.

Is it really worth getting shot, robbed, or pepper sprayed just to get that HDTV, laptop, or video game system? You can avoid becoming one of the Wal-Mart Black Friday Walking Dead by just staying home.

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