Walker Recall Effort Met with Multiple Death Threats Against Advocates

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Well, it didn’t take long for the Scott Walker supporters to start with their version of second amendment remedies against recall Walker advocates.

According to the Hudson Patch,

(Heather) Dubois Bourenane, a Sun Prairie teacher, received a phone call at 4 a.m. on Nov. 17 from a man who wouldn’t identify himself. The man told her that she had “attracted the attention of some very bad people,” she wrote on her blog:

“The death threat I received last week was not related, and did not deter me from speaking at this event. If anything, it strengthened my resolve and my conviction that we need to restore the rule of reason to Wisconsin and send a strong message that we will not give up in our fight to defend our own future.”

According to the same Hudson Patch report, Bourenane made an official complaint to the police who are now investigating.

And while we’re on the subject, the Huffington Post reports death threats against at least one more person who has the audacity to want Scott Walker recalled.

At least two volunteers working for the campaign to recall Walker in the wake of his passage of a controversial anti-collective bargaining law reported getting anonymous, early-morning phone calls last week.

“They said, ‘If you don’t stop circulating recall petitions, we will kill you,'” Tom Peer, a volunteer for the recall campaign, told Wisconsin’s WISC news of a call he received at 2 a.m. Thursday.

Now I’m not saying that every conservative supports getting their way with such charming methods of persuasion as Heather Bourenane and Tom Peer were subjected to.  But, with regret, I’m not surprised that there are some people out there who would take Sharon Angle’s second amendment remedies or Sarah Palin’s cross hairs literally.

We saw the violence stoked by Fox with the daily “Tiller the Killer” commentary by Bill O’Reilley. Dr. Tiller was killed and of course, Bill O’ Reilley denied any responsibility.

Most Americans do not subscribe to the theory that death threats are merely part of the political discourse, nor do they advocate violence against people whose political views differ from their own.

The thing is, there are enough people out there who think the ends justify the means.

There comes a time when commentators, politicians and others with voices of influence have to acknowledge that the right to free speech doesn’t mean the speech is right.

I am waiting for those who accuse OWS of being violent to unconditionally condemn the individuals responsible for threats of second amendment remedies to people who are using their first amendment rights.

Before conservatives line up to suggest that I condone similar threats against Herman Cain, let me say this very slowly and very clearly.

Violence of any sort does not belong in our political discourse.  Threats of violence do not belong in our political discourse. It is just as wrong to advocate violence against Cain as it is to advocate violence against Walker recall activists.

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