I Must Not Tell Lies: #LiesWeLetThemTellUs

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After 30+ years of baldfaced lies from our government, the media, and anyone in a position to profit from it, the first demand of the 99% might simply be no more lies. Sunday on Twitter, Jean Ann Esselink (@uncumbered) started a hashtag game that ended up creating a crowdsourced list of lies we’ve been told in a variety of areas—lies that can be discarded, already, as we have had enough of them.

Powerful and well-financed propagandists are behind most if not all of these lies. However, the hashtag #LiesWeLetThemTellUs suggests that we are partly to blame for not challenging what we were told. Because you are reading PoliticusUSA, I know that you never believed some of these whoppers, but you probably did believe some of them—I know I did. And what struck me as this list grew was how many of these lies have endured because it is more comfortable or at least less inconvenient to believe them. But what made this list worthy to post here is knowing how much better our lives would be now if we as a nation had been more courageous and more tenacious in demanding a truth-based society.

Can we learn from this exercise? I have.


Regulation causes uncertainty and is a bad thing
Corporations are people
Americans are exceptional, and therefore entitled
We can keep on doing whatever we want forever
We never have to pay for it (reduce taxes without giving anything up)
We are not responsible

Occupy protestors don’t have clear demands
People have a right to protest, & to petition government to address their grievances but only 9 to 5 with a permit
The cops needed to use pepper spray

Being gay is a choice. (Likewise being unemployed)
Gay marriage will hurt society
Openly gay soldiers will ruin the army

Marijuana is a gateway drug
Nobody dies in the U.S. from lack of health care
Increasing the arsenic levels in your water won’t hurt you

Alternative energy is much more expensive than fossil fuels
Global warming isn’t happening
Snow proves global warming isn’t real
Evolution, schmevolution
The earth can heal itself

Corporate-owned news outlets are a fine idea
Media is only fair when it repeats everything uncritically
There are two equal sides to every story
Fox News is fair and balanced
CNN is a news channel

The “good old days” (slavery, child labor laws, sweatshops, street urchins) were so great & we need them back PRONTO!
Pizza is a vegetable
It’s teachers’ fault that schools are failing
There is no difference between a blastocyst in a Petri dish and a newborn baby

We’re safer when everyone carries a gun
The rich and poor face the same justice
Our police exist to serve and protect all of us
The death penalty has too many safeguards to be misapplied

America is the champion of democracy around the world
America does not torture
Waterboarding isn’t torture
Our friendly bombs only kill bad people
Collateral damage doesn’t count
Weapons of Mass Destruction
We can bomb Iran’s nuclear weapons program away without consequences
We must always take Israel’s side in the UN no matter what they have done
It is completely ok for the president to order a drone strike on anyone, even an American citizen
Outing a CIA agent is fair game

It is completely legal to hold suspected Al Queda members forever without charges
It’s too dangerous to house terror suspects in our jails
There is no way to close Guantanamo
Not all people have the same rights (some animals are more equal than other animals)
It would be too disruptive to bring torturers to trial
Joining the World Court would be a bad thing
China is the boogeyman

The only healthy economy is a growing economy
Bigger and more is always desirable
The Fed works to protect the nation
Too big to fail
We have a free market system
There is such a thing as a Free Market
Wealth trickles down
The market will cause industries to regulate themselves without government intervention
Free trade will be good for American workers
Everyone has an equal chance to get ahead
The unemployed could find jobs if they really wanted to
Those with more money earned it
It’s ok to get filthy rich paying your workers a sub-poverty wage
It is the unions’ fault that cities are in the red

A home is your best investment
The gov’t caused the collapse in the housing market, which caused the financial crisis
The mortgage meltdown was caused by affordable housing goals
Everyone who lost their house bought a house they weren’t financially qualified to buy
People were using their home equity like an ATM to take expensive vacations (not medical bills, college tuition, etc.)
No one could have known the risk AIG was carrying until it was too late
The drive to invent risky investments for the 1% did not cause Wall Street to ignore sound risk management
Derivatives didn’t expand because the 1% ran out of normal investments
Income inequality is a result, not a cause of the financial crisis
It’s impossible to figure out who was responsible

The Founders were infallible
America is a Christian Country. Just like the Founders wanted it to be
The Republican Party is for small government
The Democratic Party is for the people
America is a center-right nation
Politicians can take money contributions and not be influenced
The gov’t is here to protect us, not the other way around
Government is always the problem, never the solution
Socialism could never work/ is evil
Ronald Reagan never raised taxes
Tax cuts for the wealthy will create jobs and make everything better
Undocumented immigrants are stealing jobs from American workers
Getting rid of worker protections will create jobs
Social Security is a main driver of the national debt
The only answer is to cut spending (pay no attention to the money behind the curtain)
Gerrymandering districts doesn’t dilute the power of our votes
A student picture ID is not as reliable as a gun license
A felony should keep you from voting forever
Voter ID laws are to keep rampant voter fraud at bay
We the people


Twitter contributors: Jean @uncucumbered / Penny  @pennyd2 / @graypets / Timothy @StAtheist / Mary  @idlefeline / Mike  @MikeMartin52 / Deb  @doobee0810 / Scott  @scottfeldstein / Terry  @terry37128 / Nicole  @neongreen78 / Bob  @coldblue_steel / Cass  @buybk

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