Rush Limbaugh Claims NASCAR Fans Booed Michelle Obama Because She’s Uppity

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On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh justified the booing of First Lady Michelle Obama at a NASCAR race as the crowd reacting to her uppityism.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:


Bottom line, we don’t like being told what to eat; we don’t like being told how much to exercise; we don’t like being told what we’ve got to drive; we don’t like wasting money; we don’t like our economy being bankrupted. We don’t like 14% unemployment. The question is, what the hell is there to cheer for when Miss Obama and Ms. Biden show up? NASCAR people, as are most people in this country, are mature, tolerant people, who fully understand when they’re being insulted and condescended to. And they remember being called bitter clingers. They know that in their hearts the Obamas don’t like them. We’ve taken notice of this, as has, by the way, Chris Matthews. And a lot of congressional Democrats are also fully aware that the Obamas just don’t like a lot of people, and they don’t like hanging around a lot of people.

I’ll tell you something else. We don’t like paying millions of dollars for Mrs. Obama’s vacations. The NASCAR crowd doesn’t quite understand why when the husband and the wife are going to the same place, the first lady has to take her own Boeing 757 with family and kids and hangers-on four hours earlier than her husband, who will be on his 747. NASCAR people understand that’s a little bit of a waste. They understand it’s a little bit of uppity-ism. First ladies have not been known to hop their own 757s four hours ahead of their husband when they’re both going to the same place.

Rush Limbaugh might have a set new record for the number of lies told about Michelle Obama in less than two minutes. I could go through them all, but anyone with a brain knows that unemployment is not 14%, the taxpayers aren’t paying millions of dollars for vacations, and Obama’s base is still as supportive as ever.

What needs to be focused on here is the complete, comprehensive, and unabashed racism of Limbaugh’s rant. Rush’s defenders always claim that they and he aren’t racist, but there can be no other explanation for Limbaugh’s use of a variation of the term uppity other than racism. The term uppity is defined as taking liberties, or assuming airs beyond one’s station. Since Michelle Obama is black, she apparently is uppity because she acts like a First Lady. Rush Limbaugh never called Hillary Clinton, or Laura Bush uppity. Yet, Michelle Obama is uppity.

NASCAR fans should be insulted by Limbaugh claim that they booed the First Lady because she is black. Rush Limbaugh labeled every NASCAR fan who booed a racist. He played into the old stereotype of NASCAR fans being racist, Southern, rednecks. There is one obvious reason beyond the fact that it is disrespectful to the First Lady of the United States that NASCAR fans should not have booed Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama was at the NASCAR race to support military families through her Joining Forces initiative.

Way to go NASCAR fans. You not only booed an effort to support military families, but your stupidity has now helped further the stereotype, which Rush Limbaugh is using for political motives, that you are all racists.

A few idiots at the track managed to take attention away from your sport’s classic battle between Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards, and inject politics where it doesn’t belong.

Who needs enemies when NASCAR fans have racists like Rush Limbaugh in their corner?

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