Bernie Sanders Slams The GOP For Not Listening To The American People

Nov 21 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

In response to the Super Committee’s failure, Sen. Bernie Sanders put out a statement blasting the GOP for refusing to do what Americans really want, raise taxes on the wealthy.

In a statement Sen. Sanders said,

With a $15 trillion national debt, deficit reduction is clearly a huge issue for the country. I am disappointed, but not surprised, that the super committee was unable to reach agreement.

The American people have made it very clear that they believe the wealthiest people in the country – who are doing phenomenally well and are paying the lowest effective tax rate in decades – must start sharing some of the burden of deficit reduction. The American people have made it clear that they favor closing tax loopholes for profitable corporations. The American people have made it clear that it is time to take a hard look at mushrooming defense spending.

Unfortunately, the Republicans in Congress won’t do what big majorities of Americans want Congress to do. The only way Republicans want to lower deficits is by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and the environment, while providing even more tax breaks for millionaires and profitable corporations.

Now, with more than one year to go before automatic spending cuts take effect, there is time for Congress to do what the American people want.

Sen. Sanders was correct. The Republicans are stopping the Congress from doing what the American people really want. A new CNN poll released today found that 67% of Americans want taxes raised on the wealthiest Americans and on businesses. Yet, Republicans look at these numbers and say no. The GOP is saying no to the will of the people on a daily basis. They are saying no to Medicare, no to jobs, no to Social Security, no to healthcare, no to safe roads, bridges, and drinking water, and an especially loud no to making the richest Americans pay more in taxes.

It wasn’t a surprise that the Super Committee failed. It was a device born out of a contrived crisis that was destined to fail. The Super Committee was never supposed to succeed. The Super Committee was by design nothing more than political cover. There would have never been a Super Committee if the Republicans would not have manufactured a crisis over raising the debt ceiling.

The right has already tried to spin this as another Obama failure, but as usual Sen. Sanders speaks the truth. There is only one party responsible for this mess, and they go by the initials G-O-P.

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