Team Obama: OWS Smear Plan Is Already Being Used Against Elizabeth Warren

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Obama campaign adviser Anita Dunn reacted to John Boehner’s lobbyist plan to smear Occupy Wall Street by pointing out that they are already doing this to Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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When Chris Hayes asked Anita Dunn to react to the memo outlining the John Boehner’s lobbyists’ plans to smear Occupy Wall Street, she answered, “I thought there was a story on the front page of The New York Times this morning that actually provides a kind of nice compliment to it, which is the story about the Wall Street donors rallying behind Scott Brown against Elizabeth Warren, and the extraordinary support that they’re showing him, and they actually used in the headline the phrase vilifying his opponent, which I think is true. And I think if you actually look at what is going on in that Massachusetts Senate race, you’ll see some of the tactics that the memo that you’ve been discussing this morning talked about in terms of Occupy Wall Street being used. Crossroads GPS, which is of course, the large Karl Rove backed so called Super PAC has been running ads up there using a lot of those themes in terms of vilifying Occupy Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren. It’s a threat to American democracy.”

The New York Times story that Dunn referred to reported, “Of the 20 companies that accounted for the most campaign donations to Mr. Brown, about half were prominent investment or securities firms like Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments and Bain Capital. His donors include such blue-chip names as Gary Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs, and the hedge fund kings John Paulson and Kenneth Griffin.”

The plan that the lobbyists floated to John Boehner is already being used against Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. If there is one 2012 candidate at any level who embodies the values of Occupy Wall Street, it is Elizabeth Warren. The candidate herself said, “I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do. I support what they do.” Language like that coming from a candidate is usually bluster, but not in the case of Elizabeth Warren.

Warren is a former Republican who has spent years arguing for the regulation of the corrupt Wall Street system. She is the architect of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Before there was an Occupy Wall Street, there was Elizabeth Warren. She is the one person that Wall Street and the one percent do not want to see in the Senate, and they are smearing OWS to try to make sure that she doesn’t get there.

With their actions in Massachusetts, Wall Street is proving OWS right. They are trying to buy an election in order to keep a real reformer out. The smears have already begun, as Wall Street is throwing everything it’s got behind destroying Occupy Wall Street and in the process taking down Elizabeth Warren.

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