Rachel Maddow Calls Out Fox News’ New Low Against Occupy Wall Street

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Rachel Maddow pointed out that by trying to tie Occupy Wall Street to the man who shot at the White House; Fox News has reached a new desperate low.

Here is the video:

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Maddow said,

On the Fox News Channel this week they made their own sense of him by describing him as the Occupy Shooter. This was yesterday on Fox and Friends. This was flagged by Media Matters. Is there any connection between this kid arrested for shooting at the White House, and the 99% protests? No, there is not. The occupy protest is located vaguely near the White House but beyond that, no, nothing. “The Washington Post” reported Wednesday afternoon that investigators “found no connection between him and the Occupy DC protest.” That’s no as in none as in protesting on behalf of the 99% is not the same thing as being a crazy guy with a gun who thinks he’s Jesus, except on Fox News of course. They are the same things.

We’ve seen a lot of attempts on the right to cast Occupy Wall Street as evil and un-American. Glenn Beck says Occupy Wall Street will drag you from your home and kill you. Karl Rove’s group has been running ads against Occupy Wall Street. We’ve seen a lot of this on the right, but tomorrow on this network on our new weekend morning show called “Up with Chris Hayes,” Chris has a scoop, a scoop naming mainstream political operatives who are shopping a plan in Washington, D.C. to take down the Occupy Wall Street. Chris apparently has the smoking gun document of how they propose to do it and what they think that so-called service is worth, meaning how much money they want to charge for doing it.

Fox News has been trying anything and everything to stop this movement, so it is no surprise that they are baselessly still running with a claim that has already been widely disproven in the media that the man who shot at the White House in an attempt to assassinate President Obama is somehow tied to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The crazy guy was not a member of the movement. He was not trying to “blend in with the movement” as Fox News has been claiming for days. The two aren’t related at all, but this has stopped Fox from trying desperately to find that one magic phrase that will stop the 99%. What they don’t get is that there is no great smear, or magic phrase that will suddenly turn people against this movement.

Since they have failed to stop Occupy Wall Street with smears and propaganda, the right is going to try to destroy the movement through political operatives and shadowy front groups funded by right wing billionaires who thanks to Citizens United can stay in the darkness. Whatever operation they are trying to sell will fail too.

They can’t kill an idea that is based on what most Americans know in their hearts is right. They can’t kill the revulsion that most people feel when it comes to corruption and greed. They can’t kill the human desire for fairness, and they will never be able to kill doing what is right. They are desperate and flailing, but there is nothing they can do to extinguish the flame that is burning within the 99%.

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