John Boehner’s Lobbyists Plan A Massive Hit Job On Occupy Wall Street

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John Boehner’s lobbyist pals are so afraid of Occupy Wall Street that they are pitching a million dollar hit job to bring OWS down.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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The memo admits both that Occupy Wall Street is political force, and Democrats are tougher on Wall Street than Republicans:

Here is how Boehner’s buddies plan on bringing down Occupy Wall Street:

In short, they are going to run a smear campaign that would use the same Fox News talking points that haven’t worked so far. They are going to claim that George Soros is funding Occupy Wall Street, and that the movement is being run by the Democratic Party. Most troubling is their plan to carry surveillance on social media. They are going to monitor the social media used by OWS and what they intend to do that the memo didn’t directly state was spam social media with anti-Occupy Wall Street propaganda.

They won’t only use social media to monitor the message and tactics of Occupy Wall Street. They will try to infiltrate these social networks to disrupt the movement and plant smears against OWS. This is a favorite GOP tactic that goes right in line with their use of paid commenters to spam websites with pro-GOP messages.

By obtaining this memo and reporting on it, Chris Hayes and MSNBC made it likely that this campaign will never see the light of day. The memo does expose a very troubling development. The one percent is so worried about Occupy Wall Street that they are preparing to merge their financial, political and media resources into a giant propaganda campaign in order to halt this movement.

This memo is the most concrete evidence yet that Occupy Wall Street is winning and the one percent is terrified that the movement’s message is powerfully resonating with the American people. The greatest irony of all is that the OWS message would have never been this effective if the Republican Party wouldn’t have spent the last three years trying to sabotage the American economy.

The economic despair that they worked so hard to maintain may be the very thing that defeats them in 2012. Occupy Wall Street is their way to changing America, and there seems to be little that the one percent and their paid political puppets can do about it.

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