Herman Cain’s Style: They’re All Lying and I Need Protection from the Press

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Herman Cain Image Courtesy of @AzureGhost

Herman Cain was on Letterman last night, where he said no sexual harassment accusations were made until he got “inside the beltway” in Washington DC and that all of the women are “lying”. Apparently, heading a huge trade group in Washington DC (read: lobbying) isn’t the same thing as pretending to be an “outsider” and accusations made and paid off in the 1990’s are now time-stamped 2011.

Buckle up. We’re going for a brief ride on the “do you want a job” express. Watch the Letterman “they’re all lying” clip here:

Letterman: “They are all lying -”
Cain: “Yes.”
Letterman: “All four women are lying?”
Cain: “How did you get four?”
Letterman: “Well, you tell me. Is it 9-9-9?”

Cain said there was absolutely “no documentation” that any of this ever happened and that no accusations were made until he got “inside the beltway” in DC.

Uh huh.

The taping of this interview Thursday night marked the beginning of Secret Service protection for Cain. I kid you not – your tax dollars are going toward protecting Cain from “media skirmishes” (aka: the fourth estate asking questions). Oh, wait, now he says it’s not about the media but about his popularity.

Do you want a job? Oh, I kid.

Herman “all of the women are lying” Cain also later denied that he asked for Secret Service protection in order to insulate himself from the media, according to USA Today:

Herman Cain told reporters in Florida there were “a number of factors” that his campaign evaluated before making a request for Secret Service protection.
Among them, he said, were his rise in public opinion polls and what he termed the “popularity” of his campaign.

“It wasn’t being pressed by media, trust me. We’re not scared of you guys and gals,” Cain said, responding to a question about whether skirmishes involving the news media sparked the action.

Of course, that isn’t what he was saying days ago, via the Washington Post quoting his campaign spokesman:

Secret Service protection was needed because “it has been increasingly common for media to be physically putting themselves and others in danger by trying to follow him with a lot of heavy equipment and cameras in close quarters.”

But I am sure that all of the media is lying. To wit, the evil Washington Post reported:

One incident on Wednesday involved journalists jostling among themselves for position. Another featured a local police officer aggressively blocking a video journalist. In at least two instances, Cain’s own private security guard physically blocked reporters, including one from The Washington Post.

There were two confrontational incidents on Wednesday, prompting Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon to touch base with the reporters involved and also to acknowledge in an interview that the campaign needs to address the issue.

So, we are to believe that “interest” in Cain by the media prompts skirmishes that require us to pony up millions of dollars for his protection, yet at least some of these skirmishes are the result of his own team blocking the press TeaPublican style (see Joe Miller, Alaska and his brownshirts).

Surely this is nothing but the liberal elite coming after God’s chosen one. Forget you ever read this, “A Cain bodyguard backed into Blake with his back and shoulder” blocking he WaPo reporter from asking Cain a question as he exited a restaurant. “(A) Cain bodyguard did something similar last week and that his team also shoved reporters in the early days of the sexual harassment controversy.”

God apparently really hates the media and the allegedly free press. God must find it insulting that we want to vet His chosen candidates because we saw the same activity with Bachmann’s people pushing and shoving the press away from her.

Here’s a thought for the Cain campaign: The President of the United States also creates a lot of “interest”. But the Secret Service doesn’t run around pushing reporters. Shockingly, even as he was running for President, Obama didn’t have a gang of thugs blocking reporters from asking him questions. Of course, I’m sure this is because Obama hardly generated any “interest” since he wasn’t “popular”, in spite of being a “celebrity rock star” according to the McCain campaign. That was back in the days pre-Sarah Palin, when getting massive crowds for rallies was presented as a bad thing. Hit ‘em where they’re strong!


It’s not that Cain is feeling sorry for himself even as his bodyguards shove the press. It’s that everyone, and I mean “everyone” Sarah Palin style, is out to get him.

That about wraps up the Cain campaign in a nut shell; everyone is lying and it isn’t that he can’t answer questions or won’t, it’s that he’s so popular that he needs protection from the media. How dare you blood libel The Herman Cain! Do you want a job?

No matter, the Teapublicans will send him money and buy his books, never realizing that The Herman Cain is the same as Sarah Palin Trademarked. Just another con meant to enrich the Artist Formerly Known as a Republican Candidate (see Newt Gingrich).

The Herman Cain doesn’t know it yet, but his show has been cancelled. All that’s left is the wreckage he keeps inviting us all to watch as he goads the women he allegedly sexually harassed into showing the evidence one of them claims to have, which like Sarah Palin’s demise will be covered heavily but not for the reasons he imagines. The people love to watch the falling of the arrogant.

The clown show rolls on.

Image: Herman Cain image, coyright 2011 via @AzureGhost, reader and artist extraordinaire

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