The Super Committee’s Failure Will Be Another Step Towards Anti-GOP Rebellion

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In the context of a sovereign nation, the term governance relates to the processes and systems that are typically managed by a government that defines expectations, grants power, and follows a set of standards agreed on by citizens of a country. America’s government ceased to exist in January 2009 when Republicans made the conscious decision to bring the country to its knees because they objected to the election of Barack Obama and have spent nearly three years subverting economic progress and punishing the American people. For the past ten months, Republicans have abandoned any sense of governance and became iron-fisted rulers in their never-ending attempt to hand power to the wealthy elite and send millions of Americans into poverty.

During the first two years of the Obama Administration, Republicans either blocked or obstructed the government they were elected to serve, and since taking control of the House in 2011, they have worked tirelessly to bring the government and the economy to a halt unless the people subjected themselves to a theocratic oligarchy. To be fair, Republicans warned the American people they intended to take any measure necessary to continue the economic devastation they perfected during George W. Bush’s presidency, and for once, the Republicans were truthful. Early in 2009, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced to the public that Republicans’ only goal for the next four years was to work to ensure that President Obama was a one term president, but he did not say Republicans intended to hand over the entirety of the nation’s wealth and power to the richest one percent of Americans, but they have succeeded in doing exactly that.

Republicans have sought to undo every Democratic legislative achievement Obama presided over, and the reason is two-fold; portray Obama as an ineffective leader, and protect the wealthy, Wall Street, and corporations from regulations and tax increases. At the beginning of the 112th Congress, Republicans began their frenzy to repeal everything from healthcare reform to environmental and financial regulations in an attempt to erase consumer protections Democrats enacted in their two year control of Congress. There is one thing Americans have learned from Republicans, and it is that if they do not support a particular piece of legislation, it will never remain on the books.

The Super Committee tasked with taming the nation’s debt is the latest example of Republican attempts at ignoring legislation if they cannot have their way. Part of the deal that President Obama and Republicans worked out to raise the nation’s debt ceiling included a provision that if the Super Committee could not reach a deal to cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion by November 23rd, an automatic trigger would make the cuts. Republicans have refused any substantial tax increase on the wealthy and it appears the deadline will pass without a deal unless Democrats reduce taxes on the wealthy and make major cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

The automatic spending cuts were supposed to provide the Super Committee with incentives to deliver more palatable options than cutting defense spending, and if the committee cannot find common ground the automatic cuts will take effect in January 2013. Republicans are willing to put off a debt-reduction deal until after the 2012 elections that gives lawmakers a full year to devise alternatives to the automatic trigger. Republicans have insisted that the Bush-era tax cuts be made permanent as part of any deficit reduction deal, and in fact, called for the wealthy’s tax rate to be reduced more than the Bush cuts. If the deal falls through, the Pentagon and other agency budgets will face unprecedented cuts and the Bush tax cuts will finally expire raising taxes on nearly every American in January 2013. It is typical of Republicans to punish every taxpayer to preserve the wealthy’s tax cuts and cut social programs. Democrats have acquiesced to spending cuts if they are coupled with tax increases on the wealthy, but Republicans are not willing to consider any compromise. There are some Democrats who believe they will have leverage to prod Republicans to accept tax increases next year, but they do not comprehend that Republicans will circumvent any deal to preserve their power.

The Republicans are not going compromise with Democrats even in the face of economic disaster or severe defense cuts because they have no sense of urgency or incentive to reduce the deficit. Every deal Democrats and President Obama have made for nearly three years favors Republicans because Democrats are unwilling to tank the economy or punish Americans. In December 2010, President Obama had to allow the Bush tax cuts to remain in place in order to get unemployment benefit extensions for Americans who lost their jobs to the Bush-Republican economic malfeasance. The necessity of the Super Committee would not exist if Republicans had passed a clean debt limit, and now Republicans are attempting to maneuver around the automatic trigger to preserve the wealthy’s tax cuts.

The American people have overwhelmingly agreed that Republicans and Democrats must compromise to create jobs and grow the economy and they say raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires is reasonable but Republicans are ill-equipped to follow the will of the people. For whatever reason, Republicans still think they rule America and if the country’s economy suffers and millions more Americans fall into poverty then so be it. The threat of a government default provoked Republicans to agree to a debt ceiling increase, but not before they attached conditions that forced Democrats to agree to allow the Super Committee to work out an equitable deal on reducing the deficit, and now that the Super Committee’s deadline is approaching, Republicans are reneging on the deal.

Americans are beginning to understand what it is like to live in a country with an evil power in control of the government. Republicans impose their will on the country because Democrats are unwilling to allow the American people to suffer under the Republican dictatorship. President Obama’s jobs plan required a tiny tax increase on the super wealthy that Americans approved of, but the Republican rulers preferred to protect the rich and block jobs. The country’s economy is languishing and Americans are suffering because Republicans are protecting the ruling class and if anyone thinks it is only because Barack Obama is the president they are deluded. All of the Republican presidential hopefuls promise to increase the wealthy’s entitlements if they are elected and if Americans thought the Bush-era was destructive to the economy, they are in for a devastating surprise.

There is no good news for America as long as Republicans remain the ruling class. After ten years of Bush-era tax cuts and deregulation, there is ample evidence that the experiment in oligarchy is an abject failure for 99% of America. The progress President Obama and Democrats made is in jeopardy of being erased from existence if Republicans are allowed to regain absolute power. For the entire 112th Congress, Republicans have made Draconian spending cuts that cost millions of jobs to preserve the wealthy’s entitlements and there is no sign they will stop until corporations and the wealthy control the entire government and the nation’s wealth. The Republicans were so used to raping the American people during the Bush years that they feel entitled to continue unabated and will use fear, lies, and deceit to preserve their reign of terror. They should beware though because all evil rulers eventually face an untimely demise and as Americans face the prospect of poverty, no jobs, and economic ruin, they will revolt against and remove Republicans from the political landscape for a generation.

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