While Reading Off Her Teleprompter Sarah Palin Calls OWS Ill Informed

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On Hannity, Sarah Palin attacked Occupy Wall Street protesters as ill informed. The problem is that she read her charges against the protesters off of her teleprompter.

Here is the video from Fox News:

Sean Hannity ran through a list of the “crimes” of the Occupy protesters, and then he tossed Palin a softball by asking her what she thought of this. Palin read off her teleprompter, “It is amazing that President Obama, Vice President Biden, and former Speaker Pelosi along with many other Democrats have actually embraced this movement, and actually you know patted these folks on their back as they’ve engaged in these really atrocious activities. I think it speaks to part of what part of that mission is on the left and that is disruption. It’s distraction. It’s very misguided, and these are folks who are ill informed, not understanding who and what it is that they should be protesting. If they truly want free minute, free markets in this country then they should be making their voices known at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and letting Barack Obama know that they disagree with the crony capitalism that he has been engaged in and allowed to perpetuate. These folks are misguided, and I think it’s just atrocious what’s going on.”

The video concluded with the obligatory Sarah Palin attack on Obama. Sarah Palin was reading that entire answer off of her teleprompter. Only a person who was reading an answer could possibly mistake free market for free minute. She immediately corrected herself, but unless she had a commercial for a long distance carrier lined up for immediately after her Hannity appearance, Palin was reading her answer.

It is absurd that Sarah Palin claimed the Occupy Wall Street protesters are ill informed, while she was reading her statements off of a teleprompter. Back in December of 2010 we first uncovered photographic evidence of Palin using a teleprompter in her Alaska home studio, which was built for her Fox News appearances. In June of this year, Palin’s own emails confirmed that she has to use a teleprompter for her television appearances. Also in June, Palin made an appearance on Fox News Sunday where her teleprompter was clearly visible.

Sarah Palin thinks that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are ill informed, but she didn’t know enough about the movement to be able to answer a spoon fed question without her teleprompter. Fox News is doing their best to keep their million dollar a year investment in Palin relevant, but she has sunk to below joke level. Palin was literally reading the RNC talking points off of her teleprompter, and she couldn’t even get that right.

No matter how much her dwindling base of support tries to revive her as a presence, Sarah Palin is nothing more than comic relief for the political world.

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