Rush Limbaugh Lubes Up And Goes Anal On Mitt Romney

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Rush Limbaugh launched his anal preoccupation in order to accuse Mitt Romney of leaking the information to the media that has brought down Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, and Sarah Palin.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:


The story of the day on Newt Gingrich is all of his baggage. You can see that Newt Gingrich is all of a sudden now at the top of the heap in the polling data because he’s the focus of all the media attention, all the immediate gotchas. It was Herman Cain last week and the week before. Now it’s Newt Gingrich. In the midst of all of this, have you noticed that there’s one Republican who constantly escapes any of this media anal exam, escapes all of this vetting, and that’s Mitt Romney. The one who is said to be the nominee, I mean all the smart money out there says, “You know, all this stuff, this primary stuff, it’s just all academic, Romney’s the nominee, everybody knows it.

All of this is just a waste of time, everybody knows when it’s all over Romney is gonna be the nominee, right?” Well, Romney is the one guy the media is not vetting.

So there’s a pattern out there. Whenever a new Republican, the anti-Romney, the non-Romney, the un-Romney reaches the top or near the top in the polling data, then here come all of the relentless assaults on character, their past, their integrity, from the Drive-By Media. It was Sarah Palin, then it was Michele Bachmann. It has been Herman Cain. They’ve gone after all of them. Now it’s Newt Gingrich, who, a month ago, was considered a laughingstock, somebody just taking up space at the debates, the wise old man who was never gonna go anywhere because he was too undisciplined. Yeah, very smart guy, but never gonna go anywhere. He’s just up there. He’s serving a role. He’s making sure that these Republicans stay focused on Obama. Newt’s up there, he’s hitting the media, he’s hitting Obama while these other Republicans go through the motions here, but it’s gonna be Romney, everybody knows it’s gonna be Romney.

Meanwhile, Romney is never the subject of any media hit. “What are you saying, Mr. Limbaugh?” I’m not saying anything. I’m just pointing it out. Fill in the blank your own self if you want to draw a conclusion. I could draw a conclusion there ’cause everybody’s wondering, where’s all this stuff coming from? Where did all the stuff from Herman Cain come from? Where did all the stuff from Sarah Palin come from? You know, who benefits from all this? It’s always an interesting question to ask. Who benefits from Cain being taken out, or the effort to take Cain out, who benefits from the effort now to take Newt out? Who benefited from the effort to wipe out Sarah Palin? Now, who is it that’s not being vetted?

Besides Limbaugh’s recurring and never ceasing to be disturbing preoccupation with variations of anal penetration, in a moment of lucidity, he actually raised a good point. While each of these Republican candidates continue to blame the media and Obama for the scandals and information that is released about them, there is one candidate Republican candidate that has both never been investigated by the media, and stands to benefit from the misfortunes of his competition.

Limbaugh wouldn’t come out and say it, but he was blaming Romney for wrecking each of the anti-Romney candidates who have risen in the Republican polls. Rush Limbaugh made sense, but what he neglected to mention is that if these candidates weren’t a). crazy, and b). already riddled with scandal, they wouldn’t have these problems.

Rush Limbaugh’s Mitt Romney is cahoots with the mainstream media conspiracy theory demonstrated one of the great inconsistencies of right wing media paranoia. The right can’t decide whether the media is all liberal and in Obama’s pocket, or if they are working for Mitt Romney and the establishment.

Either way the paranoid right KNOWS that the media is out to get them, and Rush Limbaugh’s anal fixation is flat out creepy.

Image: Red Dog Report

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