Interview: Ed Clay, MMA Trainer and Water Boarding Victim (He Volunteered!)

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Ed Clay, MMA trainer, is used to physical pain. He has not fought for eight years, but
still trains MMA fighters, and still gets knocked around. And Ed Clay believes that water
boarding is torture. He has a unique insight into water boarding, as he recently allowed
himself to undergo the “enhanced interrogation”. He and I agree-it’s not enhanced

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ed Clay the evening of November 17th, the day I first
saw the You Tube video of this event. As a mother, I was horrified to watch a young man
go through this. As an American, I was disgusted that anyone, any American, would look
at this practice and say it is anything other than torture.

Ed Clay allowed himself to be water boarded after he heard the comments made by
Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum during the most recent Republican
debate. He found their statements “ignorant” and wanted to prove how wrong they
were. Ed posted comments about his first water boarding experience, and many people
suggested that he video tape it. So, with a concussion, he submitted his body to another
round of torture. His chosen “safety” phrase was Patriot Act, because like many of us, he
believes that one document destroyed our liberties more than any other.

Ed told me he was physically exhausted after Round 2, primarily because of the
concussion. When you watch the video, you will hear his “interrogators” state that they
are going easy on him. Ed did not receive the same level of torture that a prisoner of war
would receive at the hands of our intelligence community. It’s still extremely hard to
watch as he struggles against the wet shirt shoved into his open mouth and water runs
into his nose and down his throat. He told me it felt a little like drowning.

Here is the video:

“The Constitution protects people, not the government” Ed told me, and he is dismayed
to see many people no longer seem to realize that. He pointed out that “no good
information comes from torture”, yet people running for president call it “enhanced
interrogation”. I asked Ed Clay if, after everything he’s experienced, he believes water
boarding is torture. He said, without hesitation, yes. Ed and I agreed that it was a nice
surprise when both Ron Paul and John Huntsman had the courage of their convictions
to denounce water boarding, especially in the face of so much support by their fellow
candidates. Whatever your political leanings, you have to give Paul and Huntsman points
for being honest.

Ed Clay was extremely gracious, open and honest about his feelings, not only about his
experience being water boarded but his motivation for doing so. It is always refreshing
to find someone with the guts to put their money where their mouth is, and Ed Clay did
exactly that. Now, will Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum please step
up? I doubt it, how about you?

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