Watch Live: Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action

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With thousands marching and hundreds arrested In New York City alone, Occupy Wall Street’s day of action is under way. Here are two video streams where you can follow events live as they happen.

The New York Times’ City Room blog is reporting that as of 12:30 PM (ET),

But people strolling the streets a few blocks south of the park encountered confusing situations, sometimes being hemmed in on Broadway by police barricades manned by helmeted officers, who sometimes gave contradictory orders, directing pedestrians to move but sometimes not providing egress.

At one point on Broadway, near Wall Street, men in suits and overcoats resorted to clambering over a metal police barricade or ducking through a barricade missing some of its rails. All the while, bands of protesters milled on those streets, marching north and south, waving flags and chanting.

Live stream # 1:

Live stream # 2:

Watch live streaming video from occupynyc at

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