As Thousands Take To The Streets Fox News Declares Occupy Wall Street Dead

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Tens of thousands of people are taking to the streets today in a Day of Action, but this fact doesn’t seem to bother Fox News, as the network has proclaimed the Occupy Wall Street movement dead.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

On Fox and Friends, Stuart Varney said, “I think this movement is dead, and or at least dying.” Steve Doocy pointed out that the “mainstream media” is pushing Occupy Wall Street. Varney replied, “Yeah, whoop-de-do, look, they’ve become an organization a movement of disruption, which is targeting, which is hurting the little guy. The ordinary guy that is trying to get to work, not the fat cat bankers that they’re supposed to be going after, and you know, this disruption that they are intent on today, tarnishes any message which they are trying to get out, and tarnishes any politicians who are supporting them.”

Varney then claimed that no politicians are supporting this movement. He added a bit of Fox News fantasy, “It has become an embarrassment. In the early days of Occupy Wall Street, the president embraced it, local politicians in particular embraced it, and senior Democrats embraced it. They liked this movement. They were kind of the shock troops for the president’s redistribution message. Well, now we’ve seen their behavior. We’ve seen the illegality, and now we’re going to see maybe the disruption of this movement. I don’t think they any longer have any favor with the Democrats, and they’ve become an embarrassment to them.

There are so many bits of falsehoods and propaganda in Varney’s statements. The mainstream media hasn’t, and still doesn’t support Occupy Wall Street. When CNN and Fox News each team up with OWS to host the Occupy Wall Street Debates, then we can talk. The corporate media has done everything they could think of to blackout and kill this movement. It was funny to hear Doocy talk about the mainstream media supporting Occupy Wall Street on the number one cable news network. Newsflash to Fox News: you are the mainstream media.

Except for Nancy Pelosi, elected Democrats have ignored Occupy Wall Street. Obama never embraced the movement. The best he has offered has been some lukewarm remarks about understanding their concerns. These statements from Fox have to be disappointed to all the conservatives and libertarians who have joined up with and the Occupy movement. The fact is that Occupy Wall Street has not been, and still isn’t, a movement of the Democratic Party.

Varney’s comments were based on nothing more than wishful thinking and propaganda. Fox News bypassed desperation and lapsed straight into delusion. If anyone at Fox News wants to see how alive and well this movement really is, they should take a walk down the street, and feel the power of the 99%.

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