Watch The NYPD Beat, Kick, and Bloody An OWS Protester During Day of Action

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Watch as a members of the NYPD hold an Occupy Wall Street protester down and proceed to take turns beating and kicking him.

Here is the video from We Are Change:

Several members of the NYPD formed a circle to keep the protesters away while another group of officers held a protester down and took turns beating and kicking him. Screams of they’re hurting him, an he’s bleeding can be clearly heard on the video.

At about the two and a half minute mark, you can clearly see a police officer on the left hand side of the screen kicking a motionless protester. Later in the video you can see a member of the NYPD on the right hand side of the screen also kicking the protester, who did not appear to be resisting arrest.

At roughly the 4:45 mark, you can see police getting the protester up on his feet. The protester is clearly bleeding from both front and back of his head. The NYPD then starts telling Luke Rudkowski, who was filming the incident to, “Get out of here.” It is clear that they didn’t want their actions caught on tape. The NYPD then shove the protesters.

The NYPD has been roughing up and arresting both journalists and protesters all day. Journalists have reported that they are being told that their NYPD issued press credentials, which are supposed to allow them to be in the park, are no good. The one percent has decided that if they can’t stop the message, they are going to beat and bloody the messenger.

Beating the man or woman does not destroy the idea. With each bloodied protester, this movement grows stronger. They are trying to silence the 99% with violence, because there is nothing else left for them to do.

With each drop of blood spilled, the voices of a movement grow louder. They are the 99%.

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