Bloomberg Beware: 10,000+ Occupy Wall Street Protesters Have Stormed Foley Square

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Occupy Wall Street has responded to their eviction from Zuccotti Park with a day of action that is culminating in 10,000+ protesters filling up Foley Square.

With Zuccoti Park too full to contain the Occupiers, they started a march. Chanting “Our streets!” and “Who took the money? Wall Street! And who’s gonna pay? Wall Street!”, the OWS occupiers are walking to the bridge right now. Reports say that the police have blocked the bridge.

Earlier, The Gothamist reported,

Foley Square is extremely packed with protesters at the moment, some initial guesstimates put the crowd somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 to 10,000. It’s so crowded that it’s difficult to move, and a few protesters have been arrested—one was bleeding from the mouth. There are reports that an NYPD officer injured his ankle; it’s unclear what caused the injury. The police are not letting protesters into Foley Square from most sides, and arresting those who spill off the sidewalks across the street from the square. The Other 99 is operating a live video stream from the rally.

Occupy Wall Street officially puts the crowd at 10,000 + with thousands more protesters on the way, “Now, massive crowds are marching down Broadway toward Foley Square to join another large contingent of labor unions and fellow Occupiers. Despite a massive police presence and helicopters circling overhead, protestors are taking Foley Square. Thousands more are still en route, as marches continue to converge on Foley Square and more supporters pour from the subways.”

The more the police and authorities try to control the protesters in ways that deny them their rights to free speech, in particular protected political dissent, the more they show us just how much we should be in the streets.

We knew things were bad, but did we know they were this bad?

When countries that aren’t supposedly democracies are able to protest without being arrested and beaten and the media is allowed to cover the protests, what does that say about America?

The good news is that Bloomberg’s eviction “victory” appears to have been short lived. Contrary to what Fox News is trying to tell you, this movement is not only alive and well, but with each oppressive action taken by Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD, Occupy Wall Street is growing stronger.

Patriots across this country need to assess the current state of freedom in this country and stand firm against the corporate takeover of our government.

Live stream:

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