#ows Marine Sgt. Thomas Won’t Let The NYPD Push Him Around

Nov 16 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

You may remember Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas as the patriot who condemned police brutality at Zucotti Park last month.  The you-tube video went viral, and even caught the main stream media’s attention.The full and original version of Marine Sgt. Thomas’ encounter with the police can be seen here.

Marine Sgt. Thomas had another encounter with the NYPD yesterday, as one of the many occupy Wall Street protesters. He continued to protest police brutality as you can see by the sign he is holding later in the video.

Perhaps, the NYPD didn’t learn anything from their last encounter with Marine Sgt. Thomas.  Perhaps they wanted to bring more attention to police brutality.  It is ironic that they initially confronted Marine Sgt. Thomas as he was holding a sign calling for an end to war.

Either way, Marine Sgt. Thomas is doing the very thing that makes him a patriotic American.  He is peacefully standing up for the sort of values that distinguish America from the empire Mayor Bloomberg envisions.

It is also ironic that Marine Sgt. Thomas and other Occupy Wall Street protesters are protesting for the interest of all police, who face the same inequalities  the rest of us who comprise the 99% do.  Ironically, this scene shows once again that if anyone is calling for class war, it is the 1% who think it is there right to own us and the constitution.  It’s ironic that the police are protecting those who believe our rights under that very constitution are merely privileges to be bestowed on us if or when the elite deems it suitable.

Thank you, Marine Sgt. Thomas for conduct that does America proud!



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