Rush Limbaugh Goes Off The Deep End And Blames Obama For OWS Eviction

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On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh uncorked a wild Obama conspiracy theory that ended with the president ordering the eviction of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:


Folks, at the end of the day here I’m still a little sorry to see them all go. Well, every photo from the Occupy protests looks like a campaign ad for conservatism, and this is why they had to be cleared out of there. This is why they had to go. I am convinced the mayors got phone calls from Washington, from Axelrod, from somebody, “Look, let’s shut this down because it’s not working anymore.” The media gave it its best shot. The media tried to tell everybody this is just like the Tea Party, but it wasn’t working because the murders, the gunfire, the sexually transmitted disease, the filth, the abject filth. Third World type little city states in all these cities was a direct television ad for conservatism.

These people at Occupy whatever, they are the perfect representatives of the Democrat Party. What they did — I’m dead serious here, folks — what they did to Zuccotti Park is what the Democrats would end up doing to the whole country if every one of their policies was to survive unchecked. This is what would happen. This is what the environmentalist wackos want. I can show you the papers. We’ve been tracking these people for 30 years, 25 years here, about what they really want, a return to the days of old, no progress, none whatsoever. That guy defecating on the cop car is the face of Occupy Wall Street. In fact, I think we need to call it Obamify Wall Street, the face of the Democrat Party. You just can’t buy that kind of advertising. The Democrats knew it; Obama knew it; Axelrod knew it, and they had to go out and they had to shut it down.

The most hysterical part of Limbaugh’s whacked out comedy is the idea that the media was supporting Occupy Wall Street. The media doesn’t support Occupy Wall Street. They would probably still be ignoring it, if the NYPD hadn’t gotten violent.

Rush’s tall tale also plays on the idea that Occupy Wall Street is a Democratic Party operation. The reality is that Occupy Wall Street is not affiliated with any political party. There are people involved who are just as angry at the Democrats as they are the Republicans. In fact, one of the points of emphasis of the movement is that our system has become overrun with greed and corruption. Greed and corruption know no political affiliation.

This is all part of the right’s master plan to “smear” Obama by linking him to a movement that claims to represent the 99% of Americans. How terrible would it be for the president if most Americans thought that he supported their interests? Limbaugh himself is a one percenter, so nobody expects him to understand, but to most Americans having a president that at least cares about your problems would be a good thing.

Rush Limbaugh may be a member of the 1%, but he is fooling his listeners into believing that they aren’t a part of the 99%.

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