84 Year Old Dorli Rainey Says Being Pepper Sprayed By Cops Has Energized Her

Nov 16 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

An 84 year old woman who was pepper sprayed by police at Occupy Seattle told Keith Olbermann tonight that being pepper sprayed has energized her.

Here is the video:

When Keith Olbermann asked how she was feeling Ms. Rainey answered, “I’m feeling great. I am feeling so energized. It’s amazing what a little pepper spray can do for you.” She said that that she has been active in all sorts of movements dating back to the Civil Rights movement, so supporting Occupy was a natural progression.

After describing how she decided to go check out the Occupy action, she raised a great point, “A lot of my friends were there, and my friends consist of all age groups and all colors. No matter what some of the media might say that they’re rats, and they’re crazy, druggies, etc, that is just not so.”

Ms. Rainey also compared the media situation in the US to what was going on in Nazi Germany when she was growing up, “I see the same thing happening here. We have really no more free media that will bring you the issues instead of just the soft fluff entertainment. The repeated stuff about some actress somewhere being pregnant and not pregnant, and wanting to go get married and not. This should be on the entertainment pages and not on the mainstream news media.”

She explained why she has shunned retirement and is still actively involved in changing the world at age 84, “Somebody’s got to keep them awake and let them know what is really going on in this world…I’m an issues person, always have been.”

To his credit, Keith Olbermann let this amazing woman talk virtually uninterrupted for nine minutes. It would be a travesty to define Dorli Rainey by the fact that she is a senior citizen who was pepper sprayed at Occupy Seattle. She is an amazing person, who should be an inspiration to us all. Her story is a great reminder that there are incredible people all across America who we never hear about. They are in our communities fighting to make a difference every single day.

If you have a few minutes, watch the full interview above. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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