50% Of Americans Believe The Government Should Be Responsible For Health Coverage

Nov 16 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

As the Supreme Court is setting up to hear arguments regarding the HealthCare law, Gallup polled 1,000 Americans and found a few interesting opinions. The first being, more Americans wants the healthcare law repealed, a total of 47%, while 42% want it to stay.

This, on its face, doesn’t seem good for President Obama, but another part of the poll is more telling on what Americans think about the role of government in healthcare.

In the Reuters report, “50 percent of Americans believe the federal government has a responsibility to make sure everyone has health coverage, compared with 46 percent who do not.”

So, what I gather isn’t that Americans believe the government overreached its bounds, but rather people are skeptical of a new law. They are not sure what is in it and they aren’t sure if it will work. Now add in the scare tactics the conservatives used, and it is shocking that the numbers aren’t higher.

I am willing to bet that out of the 47% that want the law repealed, a percentage are single payer advocates. They believe the law didn’t go far enough and that it is a huge give away to the health insurance industry. They want to repeal the law and replace it with either a single payer system at best, or at least a public option.

I think the fact that 50% of Americans believe the federal government should make sure everyone is covered shows a potential increase in support of perhaps, Medicare Part “E”, “E” indicating everyone.

With Mitt Romney floating the idea of giving vouchers to our veterans, and Michele Bachmann wanting to eliminate President Johnson’s “Great Society,” the American people are waking up to the fact that these candidates and the entire Republicans Party are radicals. They are not even on the same level as Reagan. These people are dangerous to our exceptional American standard of living.

Eliminating Medicare, food stamps, and other safety net programs would plunge America into a 3rd world country, period. We would become like the Chinese paupers if any of the GOP front runners became president.

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