Republicans Are Waiting for Godot While Obama Surges

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Polls from this morning dovetail nicely with what most sane people are thinking already. Obama leads all the Republican candidates, even those who really haven’t been vetted yet, like Mitt Romney the job-killer and dog-abuser.

Not that I’m biased. But I am for jobs and against animal cruelty.

President Obama has announced that he sees no need to run negative ads against any of the Republican candidates. He’s just going to roll their real answers to the debate questions and let the American people decide. Oh, snap, Mr Constitutional lawyer. There’s no lipstick on that pig.

Today, Public Policy Polls show Obama leading all the Republican candidates including Romney nationally, which corresponds with yesterday’s POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll:

• “In head-to-head matchups, President Obama leads both Mitt Romney — 48 percent Obama to 43 percent Romney — and Herman Cain — 49 percent Obama to 40 percent Cain — by sound margins and noticeable leads in intensity of support.”
• “Roughly 80 percent of Obama’s support in both trial heats is derived from voters who say they are definitely going to vote for him.”
• “Independents support Obama 47 percent to 34 percent over Romney — Romney being the candidate a 48 percent plurality of Republicans believes will win the nomination.”
• “Obama not only wins over swing independents but consolidates his partisan base as well with 87 percent of Democrats supporting him.”
• “Democrats face the next 12 months with several important advantages, including … an opposition party that is defined … by the base’s displeasure with its potential presidential nominees.”

With the GOP yelling, “We’re saved” with each new candidate they try on (and later, inevitably discard), I’m looking over Newt Gingrich’s rising star and in the distance I see a very angry lady in Wasilla just waiting out all of the debates and the vetting — waiting until the base is starving for some real American pie.

Yes, it’s so bad that Sarah Palin could wedge her way in at any moment. But of course she would wait out the icky debates and the “what’s the Bush Doctrine” moments, until after having discarded the Newt, the Ricks, and the semi-Palin, the blood-libeled rock star beckons as the Hail Mary ’12 in a GOP death dance redoux.

Because while the GOP sees God in each new candidate they try on, in reality they’re the playboy at one of Millionaire Matchmaker Patty’s “mixers”, choosing the wrong girl again. The party said it wanted to grow up and have a real relationship, but they picked the stripper again. From a pizza man with very little political knowledge to a dumbed-down version of W to a crazy woman who struggles with reliability and has a mouth that goes rogue at the drop of a hat, they’ve tried them all. The only one they won’t try on is Mitt.

And that means that Mitt will wait out this round of vetting, hiding in plain site until like the last kid picked in gym, he’s finally the big loser. Then they’ll get to know Mitt, and that will not go well in spite of the establishment’s product placement venues like Fox News insidiously tricking the base into “deciding” to want the right candidate. Would it be far-fetched to imagine them trotting out John McCain or Dick Cheney if they get desperate enough? Maybe a McCain Cheney ticket!

Let’s face it, the Tea Party bought a little bit too much into their own hype and now they’re veering out of the grasp of the good old boys’ hands. There’s always the Koch brothers to keep them in line, but Americans tend not to like what the Kochs like and that doesn’t bode well for the Republican Party.

How does the Republican Party find itself here?

Was it the years of epistemic closure via Fox and far right conservative blogs that cater to the right’s persecution complex, Ayn Randian fantasies and rage or was it the moment George W Bush rang up two lied about wars on credit while lowering revenue, thus creating a national deficit and crisis that belies the entire “conservative” credo? Or was it the moment they tried to convince us that if we didn’t think Sarah Palin was ready to lead the free world, we were sexists?

It could be any one of the above, but more likely a vicious inevitability of living within their own bubble for so long that like Nixon, they really believe if they tell us their version of reality, then it is so. Also, the cowboy chicken hawks steeped in self-pity and rage at a “biased” media gets old, especially after said cowboy keeps getting it wrong while they tell us that education is for the snotty elitists. They really need a new gimmick. I’ll think of one and get back to you…

The Republican Party has been begging for their own demise since they let Dick Cheney run things through the cheerleader’s mouth, but things are so bad with the party now that Bush is beginning to appear in comparison as a deep intellectual due to his nuanced positions, for example his position regarding American Muslims. Bush was a smirker, and he failed to bring out the best in Americans when he could have post-911, but he never resorted to blanket hate as his sole policy.

Bush would be tossed out of the Republican Party today as a socialist. He was just called that today, in fact, by one of his brethren.

The Republican base is waiting for Godot and we all know how that ended.

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