GOP X-Files: Republican Campaign Video Likens The EPA to Aliens

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North Dakota State Legislator Bette Grande Sees Aliens

Here’s a nice catch by Stephen Lacey from Climate Progress, a campaign-video from North Dakota State Representative Bette Grande, who has announced that she is running for Congress. This video, as Lacey says, “has taken this Bizarro-world to a whole new level.”

Watch for yourself, from Grande’s campaign website:

I mean, what the helheim is this nonsense? It seems a mixture of Fringe and X-Files with the EPA acting the part of strange alien invaders. They even make cubicle-world, a perfectly mundane place inhabited by office workers the world over, seem like an alien and unnatural landscape. If Grande wants to prove she’s got an over-active imagination, she has accomplished that much, but I would put it to you that this video says more of her state of mind than about the EPA and any supposed misdeeds.

Grande says the EPA is “all trick and no treat”:

The EPA’s trick is hiding behind the ‘notion’ that it is the sole protector of our air and water; that they’re only trying to save us.  Critics of the EPA are shouted down as favoring polluted air and contaminated water.

If this is true it is only because, well…it is true. The EPA is protecting our air and water. I don’t know who else she imagines might take up the task – certainly not the fossil fuel industry. Certainly not Republicans like Bette Grande.

Even if the EPA had the best of intentions, a one-size-fits-all solution from Washington is not the answer.

Of course, Washington bureaucracy is to blame – Washington being of course part of Frank Luntz’s Republican lexicon, as is her “energy development” – a variation on Lutz’s “exploring for energy” – in place of “drilling”.

What alternative does she offer?

My answer?  FRAC baby FRAC!

Yes, because that will protect our water. I mean, who doesn’t love acid rain? “Drill baby drill” and “frac baby frac” really don’t speak to environmental protections. Fracking poisons our water supply; it does not by any stretch of the imagination enhance it. We can always import – at great expense – drinking water from countries that do protect their water supplies, but that won’t do much for the American economy, will it?

Grande is unwittingly (and I mean unwittingly in the sense of being a lack-wit) proving the EPA’s point. Only the EPA can protect us from Republicans who sayEveryone wants clean air and clean water” but who’s every other utterance and act belies that claim. It’s no wonder every Republican candidate wants to destroy the EPA – even more of them than want to invade Iran.

Prosperity and security will result if only we poison our air and water! And in order to do that we must demonize the EPA as the constructed other, treating them like an alien invasion that must be stopped at the source. This is all part of a long-standing Republican war on the environment that has left environmentalists labeled “insurgents.” I suppose calling the EPA “aliens” isn’t much of a leep for a mindset that demonizes the earth itself.

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