Almost Every GOP Presidential Candidate Will Add To The Debt With More War

Nov 13 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

After watching the latest Republican debate, I realized that if any of these candidates won, with the exception of Huntsman and Paul, we will be at war with Iran. This article isn’t meant to spur debate on foreign policy, but fiscal policy.

Michele Bachmann, Willard Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry all indicated in the South Carolina debate that if they are President, a war against Iran will most likely happen.

These 5 candidates have been very vocal regarding our national debt. In fact, Willard Mitt Romney wants to give vouchers to people on Medicare and our Veterans. They all oppose the President’s job’s bill, which is fully paid for, but these candidates will have no problem adding to the national debt to fight a war. Sounds familiar right?

They have two choices in regards to paying for a possible war with Iran, either raise taxes to pay for it or cut social programs to offset it. The latter will have no impact on the wealthy, so we can strongly assume the latter path will be taken. Unless they push aside their “fiscally conservative” ideals and borrow money and add to the debt at which point, we need to watch the Tea Party’s movements, or lack there of.

The Republican candidates will not borrow a penny to rebuild America, they oppose raising taxes by 0.7% on millionaires and billionaires in order to pay for new infrastructure, but they will borrow, possibly trillions, to fight a war against Iran. This is absolutely anti-patriotism.

Will the Tea Party stand up and protest this spending with the same veracity as they did in 2009 against the “so called” spending problem or will they sit on the sidelines like they did for 8 years of borrowing to fight two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the next “Beckistan 9/12 rally”, because unless they support Ron Paul, the rest of the Tea Party will be content, because “their guy” is in office. They only oppose spending that helps people. If it’s war spending, they wrap themselves in the flag, sing patriotic songs and denounce anyone who opposes the President’s war efforts.

This is once again a sign that Republicans will continue to borrow to spend on wars, but not spend to help America. They will cut every thread of America’s social safety net, which ONLY hurts the poor, the elderly and the working class. The cuts will not effect the wealthy and multinational corporations at all.

We know the Tea Party will support the Republican, no matter what, which indicates they aren’t independent and they don’t even care about the national debt if the borrowing is going to fund hell fire missiles and not healthcare. It is time for America to foreclose on the Tea Party and evict them from the people’s house.

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