Whose Call? A 24-Hour Stadium Show in Detroit by Yet Another Dominionist Apostle

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Today marks a mathematical calendar curiosity that is being used to market another Lou Engle stadium performance. He calls his traveling road show, “The Call” and today he has taken this to Detroit. It is touted as “The Call/Detroit: 11-11-11.” These events occur frequently under the radar of most Americans awareness, but they are significant. Why? Because these are political Christians engaged in the march of the theocrats.

So why Detroit? Well, it is no coincidence that Detroit is home to one of the largest Muslim-American populations in the United States. Engle is an unknown name to most people but he has enjoyed presidential level access over the past couple of decades and is a top celebrity in the world of Christian Dominionism. His claim to fame is his militant anti-abortion rantings that go beyond any reasonable argument and use children whose ages are in the single digits to hold fetuses and tape their mouths with duck tape in protest to Roe v. Wade, for starters. A discussion about his practices as being abuse to children is fodder for another post altogether, but I raise this to demonstrate how these zealots know no bounds when it comes to harvesting souls and building the “social conservative” voting bloc in this country.

Engle also has ties to the very disturbing story that was detailed in a 2006 docufilm titled, “Jesus Camp” that displays how these children are used as I described above. It is difficult to watch this film all the way through, but I encourage you to do so in order to grasp the depth of the fundamentalist extremism these people are mired in. If nothing else please watch the trailer and some clips on You Tube.

Now, back to today’s tent revival in Detroit that begins at 8:00pm EST and goes on for 24 hours of prayer and fasting. These shows carry multiple messages, not the least of which targets the Muslim-American population. He promotes himself as an intercessor and they use specific language that resonates with followers. These terms are like dog-whistles to the rest of us who don’t even pay attention to the words or phrases as they are not significant to us, yet they are increasingly a part of the language used by far right religious conservative politicians and candidates like Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Time Pawlenty, Herman Cain, Sam Brownback and many, many more. Lou Engle asks Michele Bachmann to lead them in prayer at a convening of politicians in Washington, D.C. praying to stop healthcare reform in the Tony Perkins led Family Research Councils 2009 PrayerCast:

Here is a video of a “Call” that shows how these crowds react to these ginned up performances:

They use the never-ending Christian rock music with their intentional hypnotic effects of repeating refrains over and over and over again. Engle is known for his constant rocking motion from his waist – back and forth – as seen by Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, this is a practice called “shockeling”. You can see it in this video where he talks/bellows about his other big crusade which is to turn gays straight, like Marcus (& Michele) Bachmann’s gay reparation practice sets out to do.

All of this is by design and that includes the blowing of the Shofar during his shows. The message this is sending is that he and those like him are the true chosen people of God and these Jewish customs are just two of the many that Dominionists like Engle have intentionally co-opted with the intent of sending the message to Jews that unless they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior they will not be saved when the End of Days come…along with the rest of us…including those who “are not the right kind of Christian.”

I felt compelled to write about this today in light of the increasing religious extremism that is infesting “social conservatives” in America and how this is becoming the over-arching standard for who qualifies to run as a conservative political candidate from local to national elections. We must take these people very seriously. Because I monitor these people I will be watching a portion of this on GodTV (GTV Channel 365 on DirecTV) so the rest of you don’t have to, but if you have access to their station I recommend tuning in and catching portions to understand how these showmen operate…and how their audiences become hypnotized into this bible-based-cult of political Christianity and as you do that, remember that they vote in huge numbers. They do not represent moderate Republicans, Democrats, mainstream Christians, and the majority of Americans who do not believe that we are a Christian Nation in a Holy War with Islam counting down to Armeggedon, but they have indisputably grabbed conservative politics in America by the throat and are not letting go anytime soon unless we all work together to stop the extremism.

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