Female GOP Lawmaker Accused of Domestic Violence Endorses Herman Cain

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Husband Beaters Love The Herman!

A rogue clown enters stage right, trailed by a trigger-crazed cheerleader.

This is today’s episode of the GOP Clown Show aka “Presidential Primaries,” starring Sarah Palin replacement Herman Cain as the main media clown and resident loudest whiner. This can’t end well.

Herman, the “serial sexual harassser,” gets endorsed by a “domestic violence aggressor” (alleged, both of them) who was ordered by a judge to not see or speak to her own daughter after she fired a gun while threatening and striking her cardiologist husband.

Drum roll please! Renee Unterman, a Republican female Georgia state senator, lent her good name to Cain’s campaign for GOP Presidential candidate yesterday. The AJC reported:

“Unterman said she has known Cain for years and praised his “strong character, integrity, and problem-solving capabilities.”

How great is it to have the endorsement of a female state senator from your home state as you face multiple accusations of sexual harassment? Hello, reputation! Wait… What’s that? You say Renee Unterman was ordered by a judge to not see or speak to her own daughter after she was accused of threatening her husband’s life while firing a gun and striking him? Oh dear.

Did anyone think to ask Ms. Unterman to clarify her claim that Cain had good “problem solving capabilities”?

Not to worry – Ms. Unterman was eventually granted “glimpses” of her daughter from afar in 2005, but told she must not speak to her. See? With endorsements like this, Cain could not have possibly been a sexual predator. It’s called honor, respect, and good judgment – not to mention great problem solving capabilities. Got problems with the spouse? Nothing a few random shots can’t patch right up. Problem solved!

And anyway, I think this demonstrates Cain’s point quite well: Can’t all women relate to being unfairly accused of firing a gun after threatening their husband’s life? It’s just part of being a wife these days, just like being accused of sexual harassment is for a man. Sigh.

Way back in 2005:

Unterman granted glimpses of daughter
Date: February 19, 2005
Publication: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA)
Page Number: JJ1

Seven months after accusations of domestic violence severed her relationship with her daughter, state Sen. Renee Unterman (R-Loganville) will be allowed to see her again — from a distance.

In a temporary divorce settlement reached Friday with her husband, Unterman will be allowed to see the couple’s 14-year-old daughter at her school functions. She still, however, won’t be allowed to speak with her.


LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (AP) — The estranged husband of state Sen. Renee Unterman has accused her in a civil complaint of striking him, threatening his life and firing a gun, according to court documents.

A Gwinnett County judge barred Unterman, 50, from her family’s Loganville home and from having contact with her family, pending a hearing.

Huh. Sorta akin to Sarah Palin giving you a thumbs up for your grammar. But, beggars can’t be choosers. So there you go.

The Herman Cain (as he calls himself on Twitter and in person) has “thousands of people” who will say he doesn’t do horrible things to financially vulnerable women. But some of those people just might be barred from speaking to their own children. Still. She says Cain wouldn’t sexually harass someone and who are you going to believe?

If only Cain could get the elusively coveted family values endorsement from Penn State. Nothing but the best for the Republican Party.

Exit the rogue clown and his trigger-crazed cheerleader, proudly flashing their GOP Persecution Badges. It’s all just so unfair!

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