The Concerned Women for America’s War on Diapers

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With all the many things we have to worry about as a nation, you would think diapers would be pretty near the bottom of the list. But that’s not so according to Concerned Women for America (CWFA). CWFA’s Penny Nance is upset because a dastardly Democrat, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut), has suggested the government hand out free diapers via daycare centers:

“The other thing I would say is there already are programs in place through welfare that actually do provide for the very indigent and that’s important, but this was a giveaway through daycare centers and really a bail-out for daycare centers — and we just strongly believe that this is inappropriate.”

So it is appropriate to bail out rich bankers but it’s not okay to bail out daycare centers? Why are bankers more important to our economy than daycare centers? Without daycare centers working couples are going to be in a whole lotta trouble. Moms will have to quit their jobs…

Oh wait. Never mind….

FOX News is all over this too, of course, alerting America that “Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy has declared Thursday “Diaper Need Awareness Day” as part of a campaign by The Nutmeg State to pressure Washington into providing free diapers to low-income families.”

The Republican attitude seems to be: “Well hell, we don’t even want these scary poor folks to vote. Why should they get free diapers?”

DeLauro said:

“No family should have to choose between buying diapers for their child or buying groceries – but that is exactly what is happening today,” DeLauro said in a statement. “Diapers are expensive, but necessary, to keep children health and in daycare, giving their parents the freedom they need to work.”

DeLauro’s sin is that she wants to amend the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990. It’s not anything earth-shattering. After all, the act’s purpose is to provide funding for day care services for needy families. Anyone familiar with babies knows that diapers are essential. Without them, daycare workers would be as awash in shit as the House of Representatives.

Republicans may be riled up about this, but if abortion is made illegal across the board, even in the case of rape and incest, if birth control becomes illegal because zygotes are people, we’re going to have a whole bunch more people on top of the 7 billion we already have.

I mean, Holy Spermatozoa Batman! Aren’t we going to need a lot more diapers?  And here Custer thought he was outnumbered. What about those poor daycare workers and those poor parents forced to have children to fill the ranks of God’s Kiddie Army? Aren’t they going to need a whopping lot of diapers?

But Nance says, no way!

“I call that cheap grace. You’re meeting one little issue, but there’s an overall issue that is requiring these folks to so desperately need diapers that they’re either taking a government hand-out or calling at the ninth hour.”

Um, well…you are the ones who forced them to have the kids in the first place, aren’t you, Ms. Nance? I mean, you are the guys banning abortion and birth control, right? You are the ones against raising the minimum wage, or indeed, having a minimum wage at all, right? Don’t you think you could put your money where your mouth is and while requiring the government to regulate abortion and birth control also require it to come up with a few diapers? It wouldn’t even dent the defense budget. I mean, c’mon!

We could take this as further evidence of the Republican desire to foist unwanted children on us through their War on Women’s Reproductive Rights without showing any willingness to support those children once born, or indeed, to even educate them, but it turns out that CWFA has an ulterior motive:

This is “a great opportunity for churches and [religious] charities to reach out and meet the needs of some Americans,” OneNewsNow reports her as saying. You can almost feel those grifter fingers rubbing greedily together.

Because, of course, this gives the Christian Right more leverage with Americans, particularly needy Americans, because they’re the easiest ones to take advantage of. “You need diapers? We got yer diapers right here. But you’ll have to pray first, or convert first, or repent first, or go to church first.”

Nance, of course, does not mention that these religious organizations get their funds from Uncle Sam too, so in the end, tax payers are still paying for the free diapers, and enabling fundamentalist Christians to preach on the taxpayer’s dime. It’s a win-win for Nance and her cohorts. And FOX News claims Head Start hands out free diapers, conveniently forgetting to mention the GOP’s war on Head Start funding.

The final idea from FOX News, that poor folks can “get free ones from the local hospital or rely on free sample packages of diapers that are given away on a regular basis,” is almost too laughable to remark upon. Clearly, Stephen Clark, author of FOX’s piece, has never seen an actual human baby or the quantity of waste it can produce. Epic fail: A free package of diapers or two isn’t going to get the job done.

Neither, of course, will the Republican Party, which brings us back to Connecticut and the push for free diapers. That DeLauro’s proposal won’t get past the Republican-controlled House does not make the problem any less real or CWFA’s whining any less laughable.

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