Obama And Biden Congratulate The People of Ohio On Their Issue 2 Win

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Tonight both the White House and Vice President Biden issued statements congratulating the people of Ohio for standing up for workers.

Here are the statements via HuffPo:

The White House said, “The President congratulates the people of Ohio for standing up for workers and defeating efforts to strip away collective bargaining rights, and commends the teachers, firefighters, nurses, police officers and other workers who took a stand to defend those rights.”

Vice President Biden took a similar tone, “Tonight the people of Ohio delivered a gigantic victory for the middle class with their overwhelming rejection of a Republican attempt to strip away collective bargaining rights. Fundamental fairness has prevailed. By standing with teachers and firefighters and cops, Ohio has sent a loud and clear message that will be heard all across the country: The middle class will no longer be trampled on. The people of Ohio are to be congratulated.”

Already the pundits have begun to speculate about what the results of the referendum in Ohio might mean for 2012, but one probably shouldn’t focus too sharply on future Election Night implications. The result in Ohio was important because it was the first statewide ballot box crystallization of the mood of the electorate. If there is a lesson to be learned in Ohio it is that the electorate has advanced beyond anger. They are now focusing their anger in a very specific direction. The target of their wrath is those who they feel are responsible for their economic pain and inequality.

Americans are just angry because they are jobless and struggling. They are also angry because they are realizing that the economic system has been rigged against them. The crash of 2008 shocked them, but it has been the Republican power grab after winning in 2010 that opened their eyes and mobilized them. The GOP led House, and governors like Scott, Walker, Kasich, and Snyder have boldly pursued an ideological agenda based on rewarding the rich at the cost of everyone else.

If the White House should feel good about anything tonight, it is that the demise of the left has been greatly exaggerated. Once again, the results tonight showed that when Republicans overreach whether it is in Ohio or Mississippi, voters will respond. There is tide building against economic inequality in this country, and while the Republicans obliviously wait to be pulled under, Barack Obama is positioning himself to ride the wave to second term.

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