Herman Cain’s Sex Scandal Is Helping The Koch Agenda Stay In Stealth Mode

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In the entertainment industry there is a saying that any publicity, negative or positive, is good publicity. In politics though, bad publicity can destroy a career or sink a politician’s chances of being elected if the scandal turns out to be true and often times, just the mention of untoward behavior is enough to end a campaign before it gets off the ground. The scandal of the past two weeks involving Herman Cain and charges he sexually harassed numerous women is not going away anytime soon and it is in part because of Americans’ salacious appetite for the sexual dalliances of public figures. The prurient interest of many Americans has them demanding answers from Cain, but in particular, they are more interested in details from the women the pizza magnate allegedly harassed. However, the media is ignoring Cain’s other scandalous behavior and it is not whether or not he sexually harassed anyone; it is his intimate relationship with Charles and David Koch.

Admittedly, the charges from four women that Cain is not the moral character he portrays himself as does merit serious investigation because one would hope a candidate for president is not amoral; especially when the candidate is a Baptist preacher. Pastor Cain’s presidential candidacy could probably withstand one sexual harassment charge, but with four women making the same claim, he is going to be hard-pressed to overcome the negative press despite his denials and attempts to shrug off the women’s charges. The media, instead of paying rapt attention to Cain’s sleaze factor, should give more attention to his dedication and loyalty to Charles and David Koch and their attempts at changing America into a corporatocracy run by Libertarians.

One would think that the close relationship Cain has to the Koch brothers and their conservative think tank, Americans for Progress, would be the story to best inform voters as to the source of Cain’s political ideology, but the media is hardly going to cross the wealthy oil magnates. Last week, Cain said, “I’m proud to know the Koch brothers. I’m very proud to know the Koch brothers. I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother. Yes. I am their brother from another mother, and proud of it.”  Cain made the comments at an Americans for Prosperity event last week and it shows his sleaze factor transcends sexual harassment charges.

The Kochs have emerged as the Republican Party’s policy masters since President Obama’s election, and may be the most hated brothers in America. Their Libertarian ideology is the cornerstone of Republican attempts at reducing the corporate and wealthy’s tax rate as well as their drive to eliminate environmental regulations. Cain’s 9-9-9 flat tax plan is the brainchild of former Americans for Prosperity board of advisors member, Rich Lowrie, who serves as Herman’s economic advisor. The so-called flat tax, if implemented, would result in a huge tax break for the wealthy and corporations. Robert Reich, a noted political economist and former Labor Secretary in the Clinton Administration said a flat tax “would give massive tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations, while raising taxes on the poor and lower-middle class at a time of rising inequality.”  The Koch brothers have long advocated for ultra-low taxes on corporations and the wealthy and Cain as Republican frontrunner-of-the-moment has helped bring the unfair flat-tax proposal into the public’s consciousness.

Cain’s candidacy and promotion by Charles and David Koch is a smoke screen because Herman is never going to win the Republican nomination whether the sexual harassment charges prove false or not. Herman serves two purposes for the Republicans and their masters at Koch Industries. First, Republicans are using Cain to show they are not racists, and second, even though Cain is ahead in some polling, his idiocy serves the purpose of making Willard Romney or Dick Perry look like mainstream, reasonable candidates. However, Romney and Perry are also closely aligned with the Koch brother’s political ideology of reducing corporate tax rates and giving the wealthy lower taxes than the Bush-Republicans. Romney said this summer that, “I love a flat tax,” and Perry has proposed his own flat tax plan that benefits the wealthy and corporations. In 1996 Romney denounced Steve Forbes flat tax proposals as “a tax cut for fat cats,” but since he is pandering for Koch support as a presidential candidate, he suddenly loves them; and they love Willard.

Romney gave a major spending policy speech at the latest Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity Summit and he proposes completely eliminating the estate tax. Only the extremely wealthy ever have to pay estate tax where an estate must be worth at least $5 million ($10 million for married couple); Romney’s plan will save each of the Koch brothers $8.7 billion on their fortunes. Most of the estate tax in the U.S. is paid for by 0.1% of the wealthiest households, and Herman Cain does not possess the economic acumen to think of such an economic boon to the extremely wealthy.

Instead of giving so much attention to Herman’s dalliances and sexual harassment charges, the media needs to investigate the Koch connection to Romney, Perry and Cain. Any one of the Koch-whores are puppets of the billionaire oil magnates, and it doesn’t take a quantum physicist to make the connection to the leading Republican candidates’ and the Libertarians’ policies. At a time when Americans are suffering from Republican policies that created the income inequality in America that concentrates 80% of the nation’s wealth in the top 1%, the last thing the country needs is a Herman Cain, Willard Romney, or Dick Perry in the White House doing the Koch brothers bidding.

The reality is that Cain’s sexual predator sleaze factor pales in comparison to his sleazy relationship with the Koch brothers. As the 2012 campaign season ramps up, it is important for Americans to understand that this country is in jeopardy of being owned and operated by a small group of wealthy industrialists who will rape and pillage the life and wealth from 99% of Americans. If that horrid eventuality occurs, when 99% of the population wonders why and how it happened, they can look back and recall that they were too interested in Cain’s sexual sleaze factor and not the people promoting his candidacy. If Americans would lose their prurient interests in a politician’s sexual predation and take a long hard look at who is promoting, funding, and controlling their beloved Republican candidates, this country would not be heading toward plutocracy. Herman Cain, from all accounts, is a sexual predator and deserves the ire of the American people, but the people deserve to know why the Kochs have invested in sleazy sycophants at all whether it is Cain, Romney, or Perry.

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