Sarah Palin And Michele Bachmann’s Attacks On OWS Prove Their Cluelessness

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The Occupy Wall Street movement has garnered interest, opposition, and solidarity from  pundits and politicians alike for its populist message that corporate control of the government has created the income inequality that is devastating most Americans. President Obama said he understands the frustrations of the protestors and Republicans have assailed the movement as mobs with no clear message or goal. It is understandable why Democrats align with the protestors and why Republicans want the movement to disappear, but the recent comments by America’s resident dunces are further proof that Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are the most clueless people in America.

The nation’s two resident ignoramuses gave counsel to the Occupy Movement on the same day in different parts of the country, and each woman demonstrated their lack of understanding of the movement.  Both were critical of the protest movement and said the occupiers were wrong to focus their anger at Wall Street and banks and should instead concentrate their rage at the White House and big government. Whatever Palin and Bachmann’s psychological dysfunctions are, they clearly miss the point of the Occupy Movement’s anger at Wall Street and corporate influence on the government.

Palin spoke to a group of Republican donors in Florida and said, “My question to the Occupy Wall Street crowd is, ‘Where have you been the last three years?’ I suggest if they want to vent and want to change the situation, then they vent in the right direction. They need to hop on a bus and travel south — 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where there’s plenty of space to occupy.” The quitter ex-governor from Alaska also claimed the Occupiers were hypocrites for demanding the same government bailouts and entitlements they are protesting that Wall Street and corporate banks received. Palin said, “They say ‘Wall Street fat cats got a bailout so now I want one too.’ And the correct answer is no one is entitled to a bailout. The American dream, our foundation, is about work ethic and empowerment, not entitlement.”  It is painfully obvious Palin has not read the declaration of the Occupy Movement because there is nothing in the declaration that remotely resembles demands for entitlements.

Michele Bachmann gave a similar lecture to the protestors at a speech to college students in Iowa where she said, “A vocal minority called Occupy Wall Street believes that the problem we face is capitalism or free markets. It’s not. The problem is government doing what both the constitution and decent morality prohibit, that is cronyism capitalism, or forcefully taking your money for the purpose of paying off a politician’s political friends.” Bachmann is a fool, but her foolishness informs her deep-seated misunderstanding of the Occupy Movement. The movement is protesting Republicans taking Americans hard-earned tax dollars and handing them to corporations and wealthy. Crony capitalism describes  a capitalist economy where success in business depends on close relationships between corporations and Republicans. The relationship between Republicans, Wall Street, and corporations has as its basis special favors (deregulation), special tax breaks and lower taxes that 99% of Americans never see. Crony capitalism also allows corporations to influence government policies that affect the economy and society “to the extent that it corrupts public-serving economic and political ideals.”

The income inequality the Occupy Movement is railing against has been promoted by Republicans since Ronald Reagan was president and is a direct result of GOP policies that benefit the wealthy and their corporations. Americans have suffered from Republican policies that have tilted the economy to serve corporations and the wealthy at the same time programs aimed at assisting the poor and middle class have been slashed by Congressional Republicans.

Both Palin and Bachmann argued that the Occupy Movement should embrace neo-conservative, Libertarian policies the movement is protesting against. President Obama and Democrats have tried for nearly three years to assuage the influence corporations and the wealthy have exerted on government policies, and Republicans have obstructed their efforts at every turn.  It is Republicans who have blocked miniscule tax increases on the wealthy that would create jobs and fund critical social programs at the same time they give subsidies to big oil and attempt to cut corporate taxes to  increase profits of businesses that pay little to no taxes. There is a reason the Occupy Movement began their protest against Wall Street and corporations and it is because Republican policies favor only the wealthy who are getting richer while main-stream America is sliding into poverty.

Perhaps Palin and Bachmann are so used to speaking to morons that they think their comments are prescient and will change the Occupiers’ minds. However, the Occupy Movement is not the “real America” that the nation’s biggest losers are accustomed to addressing. The Occupy Movement has correctly identified the source of the income inequality that enables Wall Street, corporations, and the wealthiest Americans to control 80% of the wealth at the expense of 98% of the American people. In fact, if not for President Obama and Democrats, Wall Street and corporations would instruct Republicans to eliminate the minimum wage, cut all social programs, eliminate corporate and the wealthy’s taxes altogether, and eradicate regulations and consumer protections that would give every last dollar of wealth to 400 families.

The Occupy Movement is never going to listen to the likes of Palin and Bachmann regardless that the imbeciles are ill-equipped to keep their moronic mouths shut. It seems that everyone and their brother has weighed in on the Occupy Movement, and it was just a matter of time until Palin and Bachmann put in their two cents worth of stupidity. The only good to come from those two morons’ comments is that the Occupy Movement can rest assured their rage is aimed at the right groups.  As long as the protestors listen to Palin and Bachmann and continue doing the opposite of what they suggest, they will have a profound impact on the nature of government. On second thought, the Occupy Movement is too smart to listen to the two tea party dunces and it is why they are gaining momentum across real America; the America Palin and Bachmann will never understand.



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