Live Blog: Early Returns Show Ohio Voters Repealing SB 5

Nov 08 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

It is very early, but No has a strong lead on Issue 2 which would repeal SB 5 in Ohio. Stay tuned to live blog for results as they come in.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported
, “So far, the polls appear to be correct: With only about 9,000 votes in, Issue 2 is failing by a 63 percent to 37 percent ratio.” Later with the first official returns (1%) the no on Issue 2 is leading 67%-33%.

Of course, 1% of the electorate is too small of a sample in order to proclaim victory, but so far the initial results are a brief shadowy outline suggesting that all the polling that showed the repeal effort out to a big lead may prove to be correct.

If SB 5 is repealed, it will be the first concrete evidence of how liberals and progressives can defeat the Koch agenda. The key isn’t to move right, but to move left, mobilize and fight. If the polling holds, it won’t just be Democrats and Independents rejecting SB 5, but also 30%-33% of Republicans. Anyone who frames tonight’s results simply as a partisan issue will be only telling half the story.

This vote may not be about left and right, but about people fighting back against a political system that has fed the few and starved the many.

(This post will be updated as results come in).

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