Polling Reveals Ohio Voters Are Set To Hand The Koch Brothers A Humiliating Defeat

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For the third time a new poll has found that Ohio voters are going to sound reject the Koch brothers union busting agenda tonight. The PPP survey found that 59% of voters are going to vote to repeal SB 5.

The PPP survey asked Ohio voters two questions about Issue 2. The first question was, “Issue 2 is a referendum on Senate Bill 5, which is a new law relative to government union contracts and other government employment contracts and policies. If the election was today, would you vote yes to approve this law or no to reject this law?” Fifty nine percent of those polled said that they would vote no on Issue 2 to reject SB 5. Only 36% of respondents said that they would vote yes.

The question was later rephrased around collective bargaining for public employees, “On Tuesday, Ohio will have a referendum on whether to approve or reject Senate Bill 5, which was passed earlier this year, and limits collective bargaining rights for public employees. If the election was today, would you vote to approve or reject Senate Bill 5?” The result an identical 59%-36% split in favor of rejecting SB 5.

This poll confirms what two earlier polls had found. More than two weeks ago, the margin was 56%-36% in favor of rejecting SB 5. Last week, a Quinnipiac poll placed the margin at 57%-32% in favor of repealing the bill.

We Are Ohio reacted to the Quinnipiac poll by urging those Ohioans who are trying to repeal the bill to keep working to finish the job, “The enthusiasm and motivation of our thousands of volunteers is at an all time high. Ohioans understand that Issue 2 is unfair and unsafe and bad for our local communities. They are standing side by side with their friends and family members who are public employees and saying it didn’t have to be this way. With just 14 days until the election, we are urging our supporters and volunteers to push toward Election Day by voting early and volunteering. Now is the time to finish the job which was started when they collected 1.3 million signatures to place Issue 2 on the ballot.”

During a year when it looked like Koch agenda was unstoppable, Ohio voters are set to deal the right wing Koch fueled union busting agenda a humiliating defeat. The movement to SB 5 shares a mood and mentality with both Bank Transfer Day, and Occupy Wall Street. People have been pushed to far by big money ideologues and corporate interest, and now they are pushing back.

What is most telling about the projected result of the vote in Ohio tonight is that according to polling, 30% of Republicans are expected to vote to repeal SB 5. Republican Gov. John Kasich has made SB 5 the centerpiece of his administration, but nearly one third of Republicans are set to stand up and say that this bill goes too far. This isn’t about partisan ideology. The battle here isn’t Republicans versus Democrats. This is about a large swath of our society that has been squeezed in a vice of greed. This is a rejection of the belief that those who have more should give less.

If the polling holds true, this will be a striking defeat for those who want to break the backs of the common man and woman, but it can only happen if people go to the polls and vote.

Let’s give the Koch brothers an Election Day they will never forget.

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