Now That America Is Fighting Back, The GOP Is Crying Class Warfare

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The one thing Americans can be relatively certain of is that Republicans do love war. It does not seem to matter who their particular enemy is, they enjoy waging war and the cost to Americans is never a factor in their pursuit of death and destruction on real or imagined enemies. It is surprising then, that Republicans condemn President Obama for waging class warfare because as long as there is conflict, especially in America, Republicans just cannot get enough. However, the newest Republican canard that the president and Democrats are engaging in class warfare is baseless and an attempt at divisive rhetoric to stir up opposition to the president and especially, his attempt at creating jobs.

The crux of the Republican’s claim that the president is waging class war is the miniscule surtax on Americans making more than a million dollars annually to pay for infrastructure improvements, hiring and retaining teachers, firefighters, and police officers. Republicans in the Senate blocked any discussion of the president’s jobs plan in its entirety and subsequently, piece by piece. Republicans claim the surtax (0.7%) is an unfair assault on 9% of Americans, and that figure does not accurately include the ultra-wealthy that make up 1-2% of those earning at least a million dollars annually.  Republicans have been waging war on 92% of Americans for a decade (at least), and the minute the President and Democrats suggest increasing the wealthy’s taxes, they cry foul and call it class war and accuse the president of divisiveness.

President Obama has acknowledged the frustration felt by the Occupy Wall Street movement and portrayed (accurately) Republicans as complicit in handing Wall Street and corporate banks unprecedented power and wealth to control the government as well as the impending economic doom the majority of Americans face today and in the future with Republican control of the government. In an interview with ABC News, the president said of the Occupy Wall Street protests, ″I understand the frustrations that are being expressed in those protests. The most important thing we can do right now is letting people know that we are on their side.″ President Obama and Democrats have already proven they are indeed on the side of the protest movement before it existed.

The financial reform Democrats passed in 2010 directly targeted Wall Street excesses and unfair manipulation that devastated the economy and millions of Americans’ retirement savings and home mortgages. At the time, Republicans claimed the reforms were a “job killing, overpriced morass of regulation.” During his bus tour to drum up support for his jobs plan, President Obama spoke about Republican opponents such as Willard Romney and said that Republicans “want to gut regulations. They want to let Wall Street do whatever it wants.″ Republicans cannot deny their goal in seeking to repeal the financial reforms is an attempt at giving Wall Street carte blanche regardless of their claims that the new regulations kill jobs. John Boehner said the law should be repealed and replaced with “commonsense things that you should do to plug the holes in the regulatory system that were there, and to bring more transparency to financial transactions.” Apparently Boehner read the law because that is precisely what it does.

Republicans do not want Wall Street prohibited from unregulated manipulation of investor’s money any more than they want tax increases on the wealthy, and they consider both to be class warfare against the wealthy. Romney recently said that President Obama was trying to divide the nation by noting the frustration of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Willard said, ″There is no way that America can lead the world in jobs, innovation and rising incomes if we divide our nation. It is united we stand and divided we fall, and a president who is looking to divide the nation and to disparage fellow Americans has no right to be the leader of the free world.″ Romney must be blind to polls and reports that America is not leading the world in jobs and rising incomes, unless he was referring to the top 1% of wage earners who are increasing their wealth while over 98% of Americans see declining wages and job losses because Republicans favor corporations and the wealthy. Willard’s grand economic scam is a major offensive in the war against every economic class except the extremely wealthy, and it is a continuation of Republican policies that has inspired the Occupy Movement to rail against Wall Street and corporate influence over the government and income inequality that favors less than 2% of Americans.

President Obama is right to point out that the Occupy Movement’s frustrations are warranted and deserve the support of Democrats as well as the American people.  America is divided, but the divisiveness is purely on the part of Republicans who give every advantage and most of America’s wealth to the 400 richest families that are controlling 80% of the wealth. The Republicans’ spending cuts earlier in the year were aimed at poor, elderly, and the disappearing middle-class, and in deficit reduction talks, the notion of increasing taxes as a revenue source is rejected out-of-hand as an assault on “job-creators” who have not created jobs regardless of the lowest tax rates in 60 years and ten years of Bush-Republicans deregulation frenzy. Romney in particular plans to privatize Medicare, repeal the Affordable Health Act, and give $6.6 trillion in unfunded tax cuts to the wealthy as well as eliminate regulations to repay his corporate campaign donors. Romney’s plan is an assault on 98% of America, so his claim of divisiveness is an indictment of his own plan and he knows it.

The Republicans are frightened that the Occupy Movement will move from Wall Street to Main Street and it must be their absolute worst nightmare. When the majority of Americans learn that Republicans intend on empowering Wall Street and the wealthy with free rein over the 98% of Americans who are struggling to survive, the GOP will be hard-pressed to claim they are not inciting an economic massacre aimed at decimating the majority of Americans. If the Republicans had not given the wealthy advantages and wealth main-stream Americans never see, there would not be an Occupy Movement to threaten their domination of the 98% of Americans. Even the second richest man in America, Warren Buffet, said there was class warfare and that his class was winning and their taxes should be increased so there would be true shared sacrifice. Republicans see it differently and are insistent on further dividing the country by persecuting 98% of Americans to enrich their corporate donors, Wall Street, and wealthiest 2% of Americans while they dismantle social programs, kill jobs, and deregulate every industry.

The GOP started the class war when they empowered the wealthy and Wall Street over the good of the majority of Americans. Now that Americans and the Occupy Movement are fighting back, Republicans are crying foul and accusing President Obama and Democrats of engaging in class warfare. They are bullies of the first order, and now that more Americans are speaking out and protesting against the Republican-sponsored income inequality ravaging the nation, they are showing their true colors and becoming crying little sissies; like all bullies, they cry foul when the oppressed finally stand up to them. Republicans may have one or two percent of Americans in their army, but as the Occupy Movement gains momentum and continues calling attention to the assault by the GOP, Wall Street, and corporations on the government and the American people, the Republicans’ class war may finally come to an end. Republicans have underestimated the consequences of pitting the wealthy and their corporations against the 98% and they will regret waging war on decent, hardworking Americans who are united against the country’s worst enemy; Wall Street, corporations, and the Republican Party.

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