Herman Cain’s Got 999 Problems And Sharon Bialek Is The Biggest One

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The last time I wrote about Herman Cain’s sexual misconduct, the suggestion was made that there may just be more to this story, including the possibility of more victims.

Meet Sharon Bialek.  She is the first woman to go public about Herman Cain’s conduct toward her.

According to Ms. Bialek, she sought employment advice from Herman Cain in 1997 while he was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association.  Following dinner, he took her to his car where he ”suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals.” Then, she said, he “grabbed my head and brought it toward his crotch.”

When Ms. Bialek objected to Cain’s approach his response was: “You want a job, right?” Then he took her back to her hotel. It is also worth noting that Cain arranged to have her room upgraded to a suite.

In other words, Cain wanted sexual favors in exchange for a job. If that isn’t sexual harassment, I don’t know what is.

Cain may try to deny what is emerging as a pattern of behavior, but his credibility is more than a little questionable.  He has already been caught in a few … inconsistencies.

Aside from his initial story that women who were paid off in exchange for their silence, were merely offered severance pay, he has a problem with the assertion that Liberals are out to get him.

Ms. Bialek describes herself as a Republican.  She also discredits the notion that this is a high tech lynching.  You see, prior to the incident she spoke about at the press conference, Ms. Bialek found Cain, inspiring and hoped that he would run for president one day.

Bialek said she had heard Cain speak in the late ’90s and found him “incredibly inspirational. … I said to him, ‘when are you running for president?’ ” It was about a month after that, she said, that she was fired from her job with the restaurant association’s educational foundation in Chicago. She called Cain in July 1997 to seek his advice on getting a new job, and that’s when they went to dinner in Washington.

It is also worth noting that Ms. Bialek did not file a complaint with the National Restaurant Association, because she was not employed by them at the time of the incident.  She has no intention of filing a law suit against Herman Cain.  In other words, she has not and will not gain materially from going public with her charges.  It also means that NRA and the Cain campaign had no way of intimidating her into silence.

The Cain campaign issued a statement in response to Ms. Bialek’s press conference with noted attorney, Gloria Allred.

Just as the country finally begins to refocus on our crippling $15 trillion national debt and the unacceptably high unemployment rate, now activist celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred is bringing forth more false accusations against the character of Republican front-runner Herman Cain.

All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are completely false. Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone. Fortunately the American people will not allow Mr. Cain’s bold “9-9-9 Plan”, clear foreign policy vision and plans for energy independence to be overshadowed by these bogus attacks.

It is worth restating that Sharon Bialek  is neither a celebrity, nor someone who is seeking to gain anything from coming forward.  She is simply a woman who has had the misfortune of meeting a powerful man who thought asking sexual favors in exchange for a job was his right.


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