Treasonous Republicans Kill Jobs And Betray The American People

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There are myriad cases in America’s history of treachery against the people by ideologues who embrace a philosophical bent that drives them to betray their own countrymen for monetary gain or to topple the current government.  When those traitors are exposed, they are arrested and tried for treason and if their crimes warrant harsh punishment, they may face execution according to the law. Today, Americans are under siege by a mainstream political movement whose goal is to cause as much damage to the government and its people as possible and they display the malice, subterfuge, and betrayal of history’s worst traitors. After two years and ten months of obstruction, deceit, and lies, Republicans have shown themselves to be traitors to their country and more importantly, traitors to the American people.

The Republicans in the House and Senate are traitors, but they have abandoned any attempt at covert action against the government and the people. This week, for the third time, Republicans in the Senate blocked a part of President Obama’s jobs plan that guaranteed to put Americans back to work. They claim their objection is the 0.7% surtax on millionaires and billionaires, but if the infrastructure improvement bill had given money to the wealthy and corporations directly, Republicans still would have opposed it. It is true that Republicans will always oppose any tax increases for their precious millionaires and billionaires, but their motives for blocking job creation was about portraying the president as ineffective at bolstering economic growth. Although they want to defeat President Obama at all costs, their ultimate goal is changing the nature of government into a corporate run enterprise that rewards wealthy industrialists and sends the rest of the people into a life of perpetual poverty.

The Republican Party’s de facto leader, Grover Norquist, has went on record promising that if they can shrink the size of the federal government enough, they will drown it in a bathtub. It is one thing to be fiscally conservative, but to openly declare that their goal is to eliminate the government altogether and replace it with a Libertarian’s dream of a privately owned entity is blatant treason against the government. The monstrous aspect of Republicans’ tactic to decimate the government is their malicious disregard for the American people, and make no mistake; the GOP have spent two and three-quarters years assailing 99% of Americans who are not filthy rich.

Earlier in the week, this column reported the dire circumstances that good, hardworking Americans find themselves in because Republicans refuse to help them with jobs. Most of the people interviewed could not understand why Republicans were willing to cause them further economic harm for political reasons. The simple answer is that Republicans just do not care about the American people. During the Republican spending cut frenzy back in February, Speaker of the House John Boehner said that if the GOP’s cuts eliminated over a million jobs, “So be it.” Boehner continued his penchant for lying by claiming “America is broke” and could afford to kill jobs. However, if America is broke; why did Republicans block efforts to end oil company subsidies when they are posting record profits?

The Republican Party is gambling that they can use Americans’ racist tendencies to continue destroying the government and the people. Republicans still have support from poor Americans who are living hand-to-mouth with no hope of ever escaping a life of poverty because of their hate for a Black President. But what about Americans who are barely subsisting and would benefit from the president’s jobs program? They must feel abject betrayal from Republicans who are supposed to work for the people, but are actively killing jobs and attempting to eliminate all social safety nets while giving the savings to the wealthiest Americans. It is not that Republicans are unaware their policies are destroying Americans’ lives, because they see the poverty numbers and the people in their districts that are struggling to stay alive but they do not care. In fact, it is beginning to look like the GOP wants nothing more than a population of peasants who will accept China-level wages to avoid starvation.

There are pundits who believe that if Republicans win the White House and both houses of Congress, they will begin to create jobs. Anyone who believes Republicans will suddenly have a change of heart and help the American people are fools. Willard Romney has promised to give the wealthiest Americans trillions-of-dollars in tax cuts while the middle class is awarded a whopping $54 as a consolation, and he will privatize Medicare to punish the elderly. Romney’s plan is nothing more than a way to take taxpayer contributions to Medicare and send them directly to private, for-profit insurance companies. There is nothing Republicans have in store for the country that will benefit anyone other than corporations and the wealthy; their only goal is to reward the richest Americans by handing over Americans’ assets to corporations and if it means devastating poverty for 99% of the country, then, “So be it.”

Republicans are traitors. They have spent nearly three years assailing the American people with malice, and their poor, poverty-ridden supporters are complicit in what will prove to be their own demise. Is it entirely because President Obama is African-American? No, it is because Republicans have convinced them that handing over the government to corporations and the wealthy will magically transform them into the wealthy elite who get to run the country. It is astounding that people who are living in poverty support Republicans who are eliminating jobs and it calls into question the intelligence level of half of the country. It is either that or the simple fact that half of the country is as vindictive and evil as their heroes in the Republican Party.

At some point, Americans must look at Republicans and ask themselves; why do they hate us? Republicans do hate 99% of Americans who only want a decent living, a comfortable home, affordable health care, and the ability to prosper in what was the greatest country in the world. President Obama challenged Republicans to explain to the American people why they are blocking job creation efforts at every turn. The President said,” It’s time for Republicans in Congress to put country ahead of party and listen to the people they were elected to serve. It’s time for them to do their job and focus on Americans’ jobs.” The President knows why Republicans are not doing their jobs and why they will never listen to the people who elected them; it is because they hate America and the American people. They are callous, vindictive, and malicious dogs who will not be satisfied until the government is “drowned in a bathtub” so their precious corporations can take over and subjugate the entire population into a life of slavery.  They are also traitorous monsters for actively pursuing a course of action to destroy the government; they deserve to be tried, convicted, and sent to federal prison for treason against the American people.


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