Mitt Romney Has Announced That He Will Privatize Medicare

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The Republican Party has created a crisis to eliminate the New Deal and the Great Society our past generations built and enjoyed. They created this crisis intentionally by increasing spending, through the military and cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

By increasing spending and cutting taxes they created the debt we have today, a financial, budgetary crisis, that gives them the excuse to reduce spending, demand privatizing or eliminating every aspect of our social safety net.

President Bill Clinton was about to throw a big wrench into that plan with his surplus, which would have stalled the Republican’s mission of a fiscal debt crisis. Then came along, George W. Bush and the Republicans in the House and Senate, who took the surplus away from the people and gave huge tax breaks to the wealthy and multinational corporations. The plan was back on track for the Republican party.

Now Mitt Romney according to the Wall Street Journal, is planning to privatize Medicare.

“The proposal, offered to conservative activists Friday afternoon, would be similar to one proposed by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin earlier this year, but with one big difference. Mr. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, said he would keep the current system as an option, while Mr. Ryan and House Republicans voted to drop traditional Medicare altogether, except for those now 55 and older.”

“A Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Ryan plan suggested that a voucher system would shift costs from the taxpayers to seniors, as the rising cost of health care outstrips the value of the voucher.”

Romney’s plan still takes out taxes from your paychecks to fund the vouchers. But instead of the majority of those tax dollars going to care for seniors, like Medicare does today, millions will go into the pockets of executives and lobbyists along with paying for advertisements. It is essentially a huge way for the for-profit insurance companies to raid the treasury.

Again, if Republicans didn’t create this fiscal crisis by cutting taxes and increasing spending on the military, Medicare would be fully funded, Social Security wouldn’t have had to be raided to cover on going, operational expenses of the FBI, DEA and other departments.

This is all just part of a generations old plan to cut out the social safety net the Republicans have loathed since its inception.

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