In GOP Bizarro World: Sexual Harassment Makes Herman Cain More Electable

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After Politico broke the story over Herman Cain’s alleged inappropriate behavior with multiple women, donations have poured in, as well as poll numbers sharply increasing in his favor concluding he is now neck in neck with Mitt Romney.

In surveys taken after the allegations were first reported Sunday night, Cain jumped 6 points in his poll numbers. Moreover, $1.2 million in contributions have poured in during recent days.

Regardless of recent lies told by Cain claiming he wasn’t aware of the pay offs to the possible victims, then changing his story repeatedly, sometimes twice in one day, the blame of course was promptly given to just about everyone on the planet. The attempt to deflect this situation has been rampant and their non-focus of his possible indiscretions is pomposity on steroids.

The Accused thus far:

Rick Perry

Mitt Romney

NRA (National Restaurant Association)

Rahm Emanuel

Liberal media (aka: Lamestream media)

I can only think of a couple of people they haven’t accused in leaking this information:

Marge Simpson

Mrs. Cain

Vladamir Putin

Yo Mama

Attorney Joel Bennett claims, “There was “more than one incident” of harassment involving Cain and his client over the span of a couple of months in 1999.” The alleged victims are coming out of the woodwork, yet ‘family values’ conservatives have little regard for the women whose claims are not akin to jaywalking; sexual harassment is not a victimless crime.

Republicans deem the distinct difference between Anthony Weiner’s and Herman Cain’s alleged inappropriate behavior are typically that Rep. Weiner lied. Cain lied too, but he is on ‘their team’ therefore apparently, above scrutiny.

The Cain campaign, in an email to backers seeking contributions on Thursday, said “Republican candidates” and the “liberal media” are trying to derail his campaign. Meanwhile, instead of attempting to find out if Ann Coulter’s claim is true that, “Our blacks are better than theirs” (Can we call her a racist now?) they typically blame the evilness of liberals everywhere in one stereotypical brushstroke. Incredulously defending ‘their guy’ instead of rallying behind the possible female victims shows their historic disdain for the inherent rights of women in general which are normally disregarded by the right. Is it any wonder that staffers have been told to not speak to Cain unless spoken to?

Forget the Rush Limbaugh accusations of racism on the left, because for six months, Herman Cain was largely ignored by his own party. Until now. Now that allegations have come to light, the Christian Conservatives, family goodness right wingers, are backing Cain at any cost to others, while placing blame on anyone without one iota of proof.

The more multiple women have come forth claiming sexual harassment by Cain over the course of the past week, his campaign has argued that he’s benefiting from the controversy. Cain has hired at least one more national finance staffer since Sunday, when the allegations first surfaced and volunteers have come into campaign headquarters pledging their time.

State Communications Director Lisa Lockwood:

“The phone is ringing more,” she said. “We’ve got more walk-ins and volunteers. There are people wandering in and wanting to help. I think we had about 15 or 20 volunteers in this morning, during work hours.”

Speaking of scrutiny; Bloomberg reports that the Cain campaign used campaign funds for this book which he authored. Can you say, Rico Act?

Welcome to Bizarro World, where claims of sexual harassment is a good thing. Where money laundering is acceptable, and where politicians are above scrutiny when they’re on ‘their team.’

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