Stand Up, Speak Out, and Tell Us Who Are The 1%

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Occupy Wall Street has inspired filmmaker Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Foundation and PoliticusUSA to team up, and ask you, the 99% to help us expose the 1% by putting names and faces to those who damaging our democracy and killing our economy.

Who Are The 1% is looking for the worst of the worst, the wealthiest Americans who have done the most damage to our democracy and economy, but since there is strength in numbers, we need your help to expose them.

Here is the video from The Brave New Foundation:

According to, there are only two criteria for nominating somebody for the 1%, “They have to be in the wealthiest 1%, meaning a net worth of over $9 million, and they have to be using their wealth and power to keep down the other 99%. The rest is up to you. Have at it.”

We can give the 1% the last thing in the world that they want, publicity. The 1% wants to keep the rest of us in the dark, and the Citizens United ruling has given them the cover that they so desperately craved. As the 2010 election demonstrated, if we sit by and do nothing, they will continue to buy the candidates and warp our elections to favor those who will carry out their agenda of redistributing and concentrating wealth at the very top of our society.

Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, and Ohio are only the beginning. In 2012, they are coming for the Senate and the White House, and only you can stop them.

According to Charles Koch, 2012 is going to be, “The mother of all wars,” but in order for the 1% to win, they must maintain their anonymity.

From Mother Jones:

There is anonymity that we can protect,” noted emcee “Kevin”—likely Kevin Gentry, a VP for the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation—as he gently urged guests to open their wallets in support of the brothers’ causes. Indeed, Charles Koch named 32 individuals and families who had donated more than $1 million over the previous 12 months, yet because of loopholes in federal campaign law, their donations do not exist in the public record.

Let’s blow the lid off of their anonymity, and show the world who these wealthiest individuals are, and what they are doing to our country.

Go to Who Are The 1% and get involved. It is not only vampires who fear sunlight, right wing billionaires do too.

Please join us in driving a stake through the heart of their agenda.

Help us expose the 1%. Nominate someone today.

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