Jon Stewart Turns Donald Trump’s Accusation Into An Indictment Of GOP Racism

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Here is the video from The Daily Show:

Stewart said, “I’ve taken criticism before. I’ve been called racist, stupid, an a**hole, but this one hurts because of how much I respect Donald Trump. He is a sophisticated man. Did you know he eats pizza with a fork? And as to the charges of whether I was being racist, it turns out Donald Trump is in a unique position to judge me.”

Stewart played tape of Trump saying, “I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.” Stewart continued, “This is a man who has a great relationship with the blacks. Clearly one of the blacks, utilizing this great relationship with Trump, called to complain. Mr. Trump, one of the blacks is on the line. Put them through. Tell Donny Deutsch, I’ll talk to him later. I got a great relationship with these people, the blacks. Put them through. And to Trump’s credit, unlike some people, he doesn’t distinguish what type of the blacks he has a great relationship with. This led in to video of Ann Coulter claiming that “Our blacks are better than their blacks.”

Jon Stewart showed the mainstream media how they should have treated Trump last spring, and how they should always treat him every time he pops up looking for attention. Jon Stewart treated Donald Trump like the buffoon that he is. By attacking Stewart Trump was trying to get himself back into the headlines, and create a diversion to get the media attention off of Herman Cain. (Trump is one of the numerous Republicans who aren’t impressed with Mitt Romney).

What Donald Trump apparently didn’t count on was the fact that Jon Stewart would devote less than five minutes of airtime to his attack, and that Jon Stewart would reply to Trump by pulling out the big gun. When Stewart played Trump’s comments about “the blacks” that pretty much ended any potential good publicity that Donald Trump was going to get out of this, and The Daily Show didn’t even have to use the rest of Trump’s comments blaming “the blacks” for Obama’s election.

Jon Stewart treated Trump like the joke that he is. Instead of being put on defensive by The Donald’s nonsensical rant, Stewart used it as opening to highlight the racism of the same people who are trying to defend Herman Cain by labeling anyone who dares to critically think about Cain’s ever changing sexual harassment story, a racist.

Stewart turned the tables on Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, and rest of the Cain apologists who are crying liberal racism. Once again, it takes a comedian on a fake news show to point out to the American people what is really going on.

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