A Message From Scott Olsen: Stay Non-Violent In The Face Of Police Brutality

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On Countdown tonight, Josh Shepherd read text from Scott Olsen that urged the Occupy Wall Street protesters to keep their success and stay non-violent in the face of police brutality.

Here is the video:

Host Keith Olbermann asked Navy vet and friend of Scott Olsen, Josh Shepherd how Olsen was doing. Shepherd answered by reading the most recent text that he got from Olsen, “So he says what kind of pie, which goes along occupy. I see the success there. Keep it up. Non-violent in the face of police brutality.”

Later, Olbermann asked Shepherd how he feels about right wing critics who doubt the legitimacy of the veterans at the Occupy protests. Shepherd said, “Well, you know, they’re free to say that. It’s insulting a little bit, but I think it’s very easy to say. You know, I hate to generalize, but I’m sure a lot of people who are disputing this stuff have not served, and you know like now our numbers are getting stronger and stronger as veterans lending our voices to the movement. It’s harder and harder to deny.”

What is amazing is that even after his skull was fractured by Oakland Police, Scott Olsen continues to urge non-violence. From his hospital bed, Olsen appears to understand that violence is what those who are trying to discredit and destroy this movement want. Occupy Wall Street is winning because they have not turned off the American people by using violence. Protesters all across the country have done a good job at not taking the bait, when some members of law enforcement appeared to be trying to provoke a violent reaction from the crowd.

Mr. Shepherd did not want to generalize, but it is a pretty safe bet that many of the people who are smearing Olsen and the veterans who have joined the Occupy protests have never served their country. It is clear that the right is trying to swift boat the veterans who are supporting Occupy Wall Street. It is ironic that most of the people who are carrying out these attacks have probably never served their country.

I suspect that if all other methods to kill the momentum of these protests continue to fail, violence will become more common. If this becomes the case, all the protesters would be wise to remember the advice of Scott Olsen and stay non-violent in the face of police brutality.

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