Rand Paul Defends Herman Cain – Complains that Women Can’t Take a Joke

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Rand Paul, He-Man Woman Hater Man of the Month

So Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.), who likes to tie women up and leave them in a creek is complaining that women are entirely too sensitive these days, that “they can’t take a joke.” As he told the National Review “There are people now who hesitate to tell a joke to a woman in the workplace, any kind of joke, because it could be interpreted incorrectly. I don’t. I’m very cautious.”

Yes, that tying women up and leaving them in a creek is pretty cautious. Of course, he then goes on to say that the woman he tied up and left in the creek had no right to complain and it was wrong for the media to even mention it:

‘In my election, I had an anonymous girl from college — who I still don’t know — make accusations against me. I don’t think you should print stuff like that. To libel someone’s character and not put your name on it, I think is inappropriate and shouldn’t be printed.”

How dare she complain? It was just a joke. It was probably just a joke as well when Rand Paul’s supporters stomped a woman in 2010 after a Senate debate. I mean, it was only a concussion and a sprained shoulder and arm.

Watch the video:

But Rand Paul’s real beef is that Politico reported on Herman Cain’s sexual harassment problem. Like Ann Coulter, he is not upset about Herman Cain behaving badly toward women but about anyone actually having the nerve to talk about it:

“I don’t think you should print stuff like that. To libel someone’s character and not put your name on it, I think is inappropriate and shouldn’t be printed.”

No, but you should be able to tie them up and leave them in a creek, or sexually harass them at work. Of course, the victim’s name is generally withheld in these cases. Never mind about that, however. The real point here is that women don’t know their place.

Apparently, women should just lay back and enjoy it. Isn’t that what the good ole boys say? This is an attitude that is almost institutional at this point. Look at New Jersey Senate candidate Phil Mitsch, who publicly tweeted that women should be “a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom.” The full context of the quote makes his attitude even worse:

“Women, you increase your odds of keeping your men by being faithful, a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom.”

Because it’s the woman’s fault if the relationship fails. She wasn’t enough of a whore to keep her man, who, presumably, being ultra-patriotic like Newt Gingrich will be off dropping trou’ and saluting from Oakland to New York (and let’s not address job creation, Mr. Mitsch…). And then there is a candidate for state legislature in Virginia, Dick Black, who says we shouldn’t bother prosecuting cases of spousal rape, because you can’t prove it wasn’t consensual.  Why? Well, this good ole boy says, she was “wearing a nightie”in bed.

We come right around to that old good ole boy argument that it’s the woman’s fault because of how she was dressed. But what else is a woman supposed to wear to bed?

So here is the Republican position in a nutshell: What right do women have to complain about what a man does to them? The answer is, “None. Women have no rights at all.”

This is part of a disturbing Republican trend, the denigration of women; an absolute disregard for women’s rights from womb to workplace. Women more than any other segment of our population have fallen under attack since 2010. Republicans absolutely hate women, and their words and actions are in perfect synch: the fewer rights the better. Hell, take away their right to vote too! A simple look at their long and vindictive record of legislation since the mid-term elections are proof enough of that.

What Rand Paula and his fellow Republican thugs want you women to do is to know your role, enjoy it, don’t complain, and vote Republican. If you don’t, they’ll stomp you. Aw, come on, can’t you take a joke?

You would think that given his own less than savory history in the joke department Rand Paul would be one person who would not want to voice this complaint. That he did shows his utters disregard for the reality we all share, and what we at one point thought to be common values of decency. But the He-Man Woman Haters Club sticks together, good ole boys all and they’ll be damned if they’ll change their ways for anyone. In this they are right. They won’t, and we should recognize this. And vote for someone else.

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