Bernie Sanders Straight Talk: The GOP Is Sinking The Economy To Defeat Obama

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Sen. Bernie Sanders says what Democrats and the White House won’t. Republicans are intentionally sinking the economy in order to defeat Obama in 2012.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Host Al Sharpton asked Bernie Sanders if Republicans were trying to sink the ship in order to change captains. Sanders answered, “Yes, I think you’ll note that in the last couple of weeks the Democratic leadership have brought up, rather modest I must tell you, Al, doesn’t go anywhere near far enough. Modest proposals to protect the jobs of teachers, firemen, police officers, I don’t believe we got one Republican vote for that. This week, my understanding is we are going to bring forth legislation to start rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, that’s roads and bridges and rail systems. Everybody in America knows that we need to do that.”

After Sharpton described the Senate proposal, Sanders continued, “Al, Al, China is now spending nine percent of its GDP on infrastructure. They’re building thousands of miles of high speed rail, Europe, five percent. We are at two point two percent. We’re becoming the laughingstock of the entire world. You wanna put people to work tomorrow? Start rebuilding the infrastructure. It is incomprehensible to me that the Republicans are opposing that.”

Earlier in his comments, Sen. Sanders hit on exactly why they are opposing infrastructure and any other proposal that will create jobs. Republicans are intentionally tanking the economy in order to give themselves the best possible shot at defeating President Obama in 2012. The Obama administration may not say it, but Bernie Sanders did.

The comments that Axelrod made about Republicans’ top priority being defeating Obama may be too subtle for the American electorate. President Obama may have to come out and bluntly say that Republicans are intentionally keeping people unemployed because they are trying to defeat him. Whatever you may think of Barack Obama, his presidency is the only thing preventing Republicans from implementing the corporatist class warfare agenda that we have seen advanced by GOP governors in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan nationally.

Barack Obama is all that is stopping the Republicans from winning their class war against the 99%. This isn’t partisan politics. Its reality and Bernie Sanders is one of the few members of Congress who is dealing in reality. Sen. Sanders told it like it is. Republicans have no qualms about ruining the lives of millions of Americans if it means defeating Obama.

The problem is that Republicans are putting politics first, and the solution is to replace those members of Congress with more men and women like Bernie Sanders.

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