Alan Grayson Blasts Paul, Perry, and Bachmann For Stimulus Hypocrisy

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On MSNBC, Alan Grayson blasted Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul for the hypocrisy of opposing the stimulus while begging the Obama administration for stimulus dollars.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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When asked by host Al Sharpton about Republicans using support for the stimulus against Democrats, but then taking stimulus money, Alan Grayson said,

Well, that’s right, and many others, but the fact is over a hundred of them have taken credit for things that are in the stimulus bill after they voted against it, which is the height of hypocrisy. In fact, over and over again, what you see that is they complaint in public, but then they tell the public that are the good things are things that somehow they created.

I’ll give some more examples if you like. Rick Perry, he took $17 billion. Seventeen billion from that one bill, and now he depicts himself as a champion against government spending. Michele Bachmann, another example, her own family has received a quarter of a million in federal subsidies. That’s a quarter of a million for one family. Ron Paul usually is above this sort of thing, but he begged for it to build high-spade rail in Texas.

Rick Perry’s stimulus hypocrisy has been widely known for years. After slamming the stimulus in public, Perry quietly went to the Obama administration with his hat in hand in order to keep balance his state’s budget. Michele Bachmann’s largesse on the taxpayer dime is also well known. Bachmann has literally been lining her pockets with taxpayer cash for years, while she railed against excessive government spending.

Ron Paul is the only surprise on the list. Rep. Paul has a legion of defenders, but it is impossible to reconcile Paul’s behavior with his crusade to reduce the size, spending, and scope of the federal government. I don’t think saying that Paul voted against the bill, but once it passed he decided that he might as well get his slice of the pie is a good excuse. Rep. Paul is a man known for his principles, and requesting stimulus dollars appears to violate his stated beliefs.

Grayson was correct. Republicans used Democratic support for the stimulus as a weapon against them in the 2010 elections, and it was the height of hypocrisy for Republicans to not only get in on the money grab, but to also to take credit for the success of bill which they strongly opposed.

However, no one’s hypocrisy may be greater than Eric Cantor’s. Rep. Cantor was one of the main forces behind the Republican manufactured debt ceiling crisis. He is also one of the main reasons that the United States had its debt downgraded.

What the Newsweek investigation exposed is that Republicans believe in nothing. For GOP members of Congress, all this noise about cutting spending and small government is nothing but empty rhetoric designed to appease the base.

If you look behind the tea bags, you’ll see that the same big government GOP had never really stopped their high spending ways.

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